What To Do When You’ve Fallen Out of Love With Your Business

Everything is going well: you've got your business, it’s moving in the right direction and all of your plans are starting to unfold… but then, one day you wake up and it just doesn't feel the same.

You think you must be working too hard or in need of a vacation. Maybe trying something new will help? Yet, nothing seems to bring back that fire in your belly – instead you just feel like you're back on a treadmill.

The truth is that sometimes this just happens. It happens with people, and it happens with work. Both can be traumatic, personal and painful, but your business is a construct of you. It relies on you to succeed.

It’s important not to make any knee jerk or rash decisions. As with any business practice, a problem so close to the heart takes an equal amount of creativity and a good dose of introspection.

A great question to start asking yourself is: Does this business still represent who I am? Is the brand, the audience, the product still a reflection of the person I am today? People change over time – that’s why relationships sometimes fall apart, and it’s why we sometimes fall out of love with our businesses. It’s inevitable, but with that change comes a chance to turn things around and make them better.

Take time to think about what got you to where you are today. What was that mad little spark that first inspired the all your efforts? Why did you absolutely need to make this business a reality? Write it down, record it, whatever helps make it clear. Now, here comes the hard part – asking yourself if it is time to pursue another dream … or taking a pivot on the one at hand.

Putting a lot of time into anything can make it difficult to let it go. Selling your business or letting someone take over is hard enough … closing it down can feel like a stab to the heart. So you've got to look at the current situation in as detached, yet considered manner as possible. Be honest; maybe you really do just need a rest, or maybe you've really had enough. Maybe there are some aspects you still totally love and others that take all the fun out of it.

You may very well find yourself feeling trapped and guilty that you're not as engaged as you once were, but it’s important to focus on introspection and not punish yourself. Analyse what parts of the business made you excited to get to work every day. What made you thrive? What did you enjoy best? The answer to your feeling disconnected might be as simple as returning to the basics and experimenting a bit!

A progressive place to start is asking if there is any way to bring innovate new ideas into your business to get you reinvested.

If you look at the successes of start-ups alone, you can see where the platform has increased for experimentation. Trying something new can grant an all new perspective and reinvigorate your relationship with your business. So, if you are ready to do some brainstorming, here are some things to ask yourself:

What are the tools that are out there that would allow me to bring in new ideas and services that would relight my fire?
The Internet has a plethora of tools for anyone looking for ideas. It has made it much easier to learn, share, reach out to others and even meet-up with others in your local area. A majority of businesses utilise the Internet for inspiration and making life easier, so why not give it  a try?

Should I get someone else involved in the business? Maybe create a new product or service?
If you've been selling the same thing for a long time, it might be time to try a new avenue. Whether that's just a tweak on your existing products or services or something entirely different

There are always new ways of looking at something, and plenty of ways to turn hum-drum into brand new fun. No one wins by becoming stuck in a rut. Your business doesn’t have to be an “ex” to avoid at social gatherings. No experience, failure or a stumble is ever wasted, and with all that you have accomplished already, you have that many more tools under your belt to use on the next journey.

I would love to know… what have you done when you've fallen out of love with your business?

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