How to Do The Work You Love

For most people, doing work you love sounds like a dream, or something that only happens to people who are so rich that they don’t have to worry about money or so lucky that things just work out for them. Of course, that’s absolutely not the case! I believe that anybody can do work that they love, but it does take some dedicated thought and a big mindset shift from the traditional 9 to 5 way of working.
First, you need to figure out the difference between your interests and your passion.

It’s easy to be interested in a lot of things, and it’s even fairly easy to get pretty good at a lot of things…but that’s not the way that you end up doing work you love, that’s the way you burn yourself out on your interests as you try to turn one of them into the work you love.What you want to find is your passion — that thing that keeps creeping into your mind all the time, whether you really try to think about it or not, that thing that lights you up inside every time. For me, that’s books and business, and whatever job I do is going to incorporate those in some way if it’s the right job for me.But of course, you can’t just find your passion and then assume everything will work out perfectly because you want it badly enough.So to make your passion into work that actually pays off, you have to start thinking about what you want the end result to be.And I’m not talking about buying a bigger house or taking a month long vacation in France —  I’m talking about macro goals. So what’s your big goal for your passion? Is it to make a lot of money, or to help a specific type of client, or to create a life where you can totally digitally nomadic, or what?

Whatever it is, that becomes your true north, the thing that you always keep in mind. Then when you’re planning your business, or even your day-to-day work, you automatically filter every action through that, asking yourself whether it will ultimately lead you closer or further away from your end result. This simplifies a lot of decision-making and help keep you from spinning your wheels or just reacting to trends.

Finally, get help from people who have been there before you.

Like many other people who make a living doing what they love, I’m incredibly indebted to my mentors. Getting good help from people who have been there before you will not only help you avoid making mistakes, it will also catapult you forwards because you won’t have to learn how to do everything from scratch.

Don’t fall for the idea that you have to go it alone because that’s somehow more “authentic” or cool, or for the idea that you have to go it alone. There are more people out there than you would ever think who are willing to help you, and loads of free resources, so there’s no excuse for isolating yourself.

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