It IS different being a woman in business, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

Women are born multi-taskers, we juggle a work, families, responsibilities, friends and even builders with equal aplomb. Until something comes crashing down and we realise that even Superwoman needs a day off … that’s where the power of our community, our Sisterhood comes in and it is far more powerful than any ‘Old Boys Network’ I’ve ever seen.

As the Dalai Lama said, “The World will be saved by the Western woman” and I know for sure, that is true.

However, before we save the world, we have to start by saving ourselves. All too often, I see incredible women dreaming big, wonderful, audacious goals, but putting them on the back burner to support and nurture others. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can and MUST support ourselves as well as those we love.

Being a woman in business and a single mum with HUGE dreams, I can completely relate to the endless to do list of demands and I’m frequently guilty of putting myself at the back of the queue. Alongside the needs of my business, my son, my books, my family and my friends, it can seem like there is little time left for me. However, I have learnt that is often a cage we create for ourselves and in fact, if we just reach out to those around us, there is an abundance of support, on all levels. This may not be something we are all fortunate to possess at this very moment in time, but it is something that we can all actively cultivate.

There are some things that I won’t compromise on like my health. I wake up and head out the door, rain or shine. I run through the park, even if it’s only for two miles. Better to do two miles than make the excuse to do none.

Recently, I’ve been religious about taking time out to be creative and spend time being social, things that always got pushed to the back in order to meet work deadlines. Now I realise that the more I include creativity and fun into my life, the more valuable my work becomes.

Due to constant multitasking ,most entrepreneurial women either feel guilty about not having balance between their work and family life, or they beat themselves up for not achieving what they set out to do because ‘life’ got in the way.

There is another way and I am going to show you how!

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