With gratitude: 12 months best seller!

Today, my publisher forwarded me an email from WHSmith that literally rocked my world! I wanted to share it and my gratitude.

“This month marks the one year anniversary of Shaa Wasmund’s Stop Talking, Start Doing being at the #1 position in our business book chart. No other book has held the top spot for this long in our history.”
Mike Roberts, Non Fiction Buyer, WHSmith

This is an incredible occasion for me. I’ve always wanted to write, but somehow life got in the way. I’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities in my career and felt so grateful for them that I could hardly complain that I hadn’t got round to writing my book.

That’s how life is; we get so caught up being busy that before you know it, our dreams become a distant memory.


Sadly, it is often only when something unfortunate happens in our lives that we get jolted out of our ‘busy being busy’ slumber. It could be that we loose our jobs, our businesses or someone close to us. All of a sudden we reassess our lives and what is truly important. We realize the fragility of our own existence and all our unfulfilled dreams come flooding back in.

At these points in time, we have a choice (as hard as it may seem at the time)
to use those difficult, heart-breaking moments to spur us on to living our fullest lives
to hide.

I know exactly how this feels. Nearly 4 years ago, I lost my partner, my son's Dad, and become a widow, single Mum and single business owner overnight. My whole world stopped. I was paralysed with no idea which was my left and which was my right, let alone what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. I could no longer comprehend what to do with a day.

Were it not for the strength and love of my friends, colleagues and family I probably would have given everything up. Not because I wanted to, but because I no longer knew what I wanted.

At times like these, you truly understand what is important in life.

Time, not money is our most precious commodity. You can never get it back.

I am truly blessed and honoured to have incredible people in my life and for that I will always be grateful. Not only did they help pull me through, but they gave me the strength to put myself back together again. I’m not sure I really believe that time does heal all wounds, but the scars do become less painful.

I remembered all the things that I had wanted to do with my life, but had yet to fulfill. Writing my book was at the top of the list. I decided to take my own medicine and “Stop Talking, Start Doing”. I could never have imagined the book would be so successful and I have so many people to thank for that. It means the world to me and so much more to me than book sales; this was a book dedicated to my partner and my son.

I could not have done this without some incredible people and I want to take this opportunity to thank them. I know this is slightly indulgent, but please humour me. We don’t take enough time to appreciate the people in our lives, and it’s time I did.

My whole team at Smarta, but particularly Matt Thomas for keeping everything running when I didn’t even feel like walking. You make work a joy.

For my friends who have been there for me day and night and who know that no one can be strong all the time. For my oldest friends Brenda, Kanya, June, Hulya, Gordon Larry and Troy who have been on my journey from the beginning, I love you. For Michelle, Debs, Chloe, David, Rainbow and anyone else I’ve forgotten to mention, thank you. Your friends really are the family you choose for yourself. For Lisa Goodchild; when you meet someone who just ‘gets you’ it’s a very special thing. Family for life.

To Oli Barrett and Ben Way; two very special men who have become very dear friends, I met you through each other, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for you both. The world needs more men like you.

To Al you are just the best.

For Andrew I could never have got through this without you. You're too awesome for words!

To Stephen D and Steve P – thank you for believing in me and the business before there was one. More importantly, for genuinely wanting to make a difference and doing it. I wish more people in business were like you.

For Tim Ferris and all at OTK who helped me realize my dream to write and encouraged me all the way. You did far more than that too; you reminded me of the wonderful and beautiful possibilities life holds. Thank you.

To the whole team at Wayra UK who have supported everything I’ve done. You rock. Especially you Simon Devonshire – and you Luke Hakes, Marcelo Ballona and Mariano Amartino. You’re all stuck with me now!

To all at KPI, those in it and those who run it – so proud to be part of it. Daniel, Thao. Thank you.

What I’ve learned from all of this is simple.

Life is short. Time is precious. People are all that matter.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

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