Why would you photoshop your life?

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NOTE: This blog was originally posted on Facebook earlier this week and received so many comments that it clearly hit home for a lot of people … Link to the original post at the end of the blog.

Someone just commented to me that they thought I was very ‘transparent' on Facebook. That I shared not just the wins and the selfies, but also the moments when things are more challenging. They asked if I ever felt ‘exposed' for doing so.

I'll be honest, for entirely personal reasons, the last 6 weeks has been the most challenging I've had for many years. November is always a bittersweet time for me, it would have been Jett's Dad's birthday if he were still here, then followed 10 days later by Jett's own birthday. This year it was combined with the suicide of my best friends brother and multiple ‘other' issues at the same time. Not easy.

Sure, I could have just focused on how truly awesome ‘work' has been over the last 6 weeks … my trips to Vegas, hanging out with Gary Vaynerchuk and Lewis Howes, the sold out workshops, the new book deal, running my Mastermind in Marrakech. I have never felt so in flow nor loved my work so much, but just showing that one aspect of my life is not authentic. It implies that I somehow have a ‘perfect' life. I don't and I don't know anyone who one does.

Yet for every challenging situation we find ourselves in, I believe there is a lesson for us to learn. For me, it's that in moments like this, you get to really see who shows up. You reassess who and what is truly important in your life. Who doesn't simply say the right things, but who does the right things. Above everything this time has taught me how incredibly blessed I am to have the people in my life that I do. People who show up, no matter what time, no matter what's going on in their own lives, no matter how far they have to travel. Those friendships and relationships are worth fighting for. They mean everything to me.

We can't ‘photoshop' our lives. If we are ever to be comfortable in our skins, we have to be prepared to show up as our true selves. I'm not suggesting that we share ‘everything' … I certainly don't nor would I feel comfortable doing so, but I share enough for you to know I'm just like you. Human. I have good days and bad days. Fortunately my good days far outweigh the bad.

Here's to more authenticity, more showing up, more love and more good days than bad.

Shaa X

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