Why NOW is always the best time to start a Business …

This week marked the 4th Annual Smarta100 Awards and every year it gets bigger and better! This year, we had over 1500 entries and over 55,000 individual votes –that’s just an insane number.

2013 Smarta 100 Winners

Of course I’m proud of what we’ve created, but I’m even more proud of what those 100 winning businesses have created. No two businesses were alike, they spanned everything from cakes and bread made from broccoli (and trust me, it’s delicious!) to underfloor heating and addicitive postcard apps.

The overall winner, by unanimous decision was the incredible Give As You Live founded by the force of nature that is Polly Gower.

These awards just go to show that if you want to set up a business, no matter what that business might be, you CAN do it and you CAN make it a winning business. So, everyone who is reading this thinking they have an idea but they don’t know where or how to start … Just do it. Just start, now. Make it a big start or a small start, but start. Create momentum and keep creating momentum until you have something tangible and real in front of you.

For those of you who have already got a business up and running, but feel stuck … now is the time to get unstuck.

What inspiration or innovation can you get from these 100 winners that you could apply to your business? How could you start doing things differently to put your business on a different path?

What’s the ONE thing that if you did today, right now, would make the biggest difference to your business?

What are you waitng for? Go do it!

One thing I know for sure … Time waits for no man or woman.