Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Some people spend months working on a momentous resolution to kick in once the firework displays finish on New Year’s Eve. Others use what they’ve been through that year to work out what needs to change in the following year. However, most are left rushing to think of some ways to improve who they are and what they do differently as the seconds tick down on December 31st.

However you got there, the chances are you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution. But why are people doomed to fail these tasks they set themselves?

In most cases, resolutions don’t work because they set themselves unrealistic targets and they don't break them down into achievable chunks. In short, they're not SMART Goals.

For a goal to be attainable (and SMART) it has to be realistic, and for a change to possible it has to be practical. A good number of the resolutions thrown into the air in those final moments of the year are beyond what any of us can be achieved. This over ambition isn’t down to personal shortcomings or a lack of determination. Often, it’s because one simple step isn’t enough to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Its also because we tend to create a few BIG, HUGE goals.

The aims you set yourself must be specific. A resolution like “I want to loose weight” is far to vague to be really achievable. You could loose a pound and still claim to have lost weight. But was that what you really meant? A goal that says something like “I want to loose 7 lbs in 3 weeks” is much more achievable – you've set a specific goal and a realistic time in which to achieve it. once too reachable and impossible to achieve.

Equally, if you want your business to be generating more money, then decide how much more and in what time frame? If you want to exercise more, make sure you know how much time you plan to dedicate to the target.

The problem is, once you’ve chosen an attainable and specific resolution, you have little to blame other than your laziness if you don't achieve it! So, from that point on, if your resolution doesn’t work, it’s because of you.

Dozens of reasons exist for why your resolution might fail; laziness, apathy, the stress of life and time constraints are just a few, but all of these could be neatly filed under the heading, loss of perspective.

At one point in time, you honestly believed this resolution was the most important change you could make. Therefore, unless your life changes considerably, you should remember that! You need to step out of your comfort zone and make it happen!

Many resolutions don’t work because people lose sight of how beneficial they are. If you’ve managed to pinpoint a way to improve your business or your life, you should be proud of your self-awareness, and not let your goal slip away.

Of course, if you were looking to find a scapegoat to blame for a failed resolution, Im sure you can find lots, but if your resolution is still unbroken, congratulations and good luck. Don’t lose sight of why you’ve made this change or the benefits it will bring to your life. Unless, that is, the resolution was made in the final seconds of a drunken haze on New Year’s Eve, in which case, it may be best to let that one fall.

And if you need a Kick In The Pants to get started, here it is!

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