The Pursuit of Dreams – Why I Love The Olympics

Of course, I love the heart thumping, jaw dropping, blood pounding theatre of it all. I love the competition, the winning, the roar of the crowd. I love the renewed sense of pride, the commaraderie and the spirit of adventure.

Mostly, however

, I love the fact that the Olympics embodies the pursuit of our dreams.


Every athlete once had a dream to stand on an Olympic stage. But, they didn’t just talk about their dreams, they put in the hours, hard work and dedication to make them a reality. They gave all they had for one moment in time.

They may not all win Gold, but they will live without regret; knowing that when it mattered most they fought for what they wanted and gave it all they had.

They didn’t wimp out when the going got tough or shy away from difficult decisions. They didn’t pursue the easiest path; they pursued their dreams. With all they had.

We should do the same.

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