Why Habits Matter – And How To Get Yours To Stick

I just finished recording my last podcast episode for this year – Resolutions vs Commitments. I’m pretty sure you can guess which side I come down on right?! 

It got me thinking about habits (resolutions that turn into commitments typically become habits)and why they matter and I wanted to share it with you.

First up, I don’t buy into being able to make resolutions or commitments or create new habits just once a year. I mean it’s a little arbitrary to place all our bets on New Year’s day in my opinion. What if for whatever reason, this isn’t a good time for you? Does it mean you have to wait another 364 days to give it another shot?

Of course not.

You can decide to create new habits, make resolutions and commitments at any time. However I kinda like the magic and momentum of a New Year and if it gives me an extra edge to be more committed, then I’m all for it. Is it a placebo effect? Maybe. 

But who cares?

What matters is YOU understand why habits matter and start to create ones that serve you better.

A habit is a vote for the person you want to become and the things you want to do.

A habit is the quickest way to get you from here to where you want to be.

A habit is a neurological commitment to your future.

Habits are the foundations of any great success.

Want to grow your audience and build your email list?

Get into the habit of including a CTA (call to action) in every social media post, piece of content and podcast you do.

Want to get a body like JLo or Jamie Alderton?!

Get into the habit of exercising *first* thing, tracking your calorie intake and hitting the cold sea (OK, the first two will do!)

Want to get into crypto?

Make it a habit to start dollar cost averaging – investing the same amount on the same day at the same time every week. Doesn’t matter if it’s £20 or £2000. Get into the habit.

Same principle applies to every habit.

Want to stack the odds in your favour even more?

Automate it.

You can automate your investments whether into Crypto, ISA’s or your pension.

You can automate your CTA’s by creating 3-5 lead magnets or Pop Up Products and making sure no content goes out without one (see what I just did? That’s a hyperlink and CTA right there!) Even better get your team to do it for you.

OK, you can’t quite automate your fitness – if only – but you can still stack the odds in your favour by hiring a PT or just getting a gym buddy who meets you at the gym on the same days at the same time every week.

Habits aren’t boring. Habits are sexy. Habits get results. 

Go get your sexy back!

Shaa X

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