What I Learnt This Week

This is going to be a regular post from me … reflecting on what I have learned in the last week; whether personally or professionally. Most of the time it will be directly related to my experiences, but every now and then it may be observations of others. Hopefully it will make you nod, wince and smile in equal measure. Who knows, maybe I can help save you make a mistake or two!

I'm just as in love with Marrakech as the first time I came here. It's beautiful, mesmerising, intoxicating.

I would be lost without my team. No man or woman is an island unto themselves.

As much as I love the leverage that comes with a digital business, nothing replaces working with people in person. It's where the real magic happens.

Taking Jett out of school for a week and letting him ‘hang out' with his nan whilst I ran a Mastermind in Marrakech was the best thing I could do. He learned so much more about life, people, cultures and opportunities than he would have done at school. More importantly his view on what's possible and how he can shape his own future stretches way beyond any text book.

Swimming outdoors in beautiful, tranquil surroundings is heaven on earth and the best form of meditation I know.

We should expose our children to as many different cultures, foods, religions and ways of life as we can. It will not only make them grateful for what they have, with more compassion for those that have less and instill deeper understanding for others, but it is also the only way to create long term peace in this world.

Sometimes people push away the very person they need the most.

Love is always worth fighting for.

It's may seem easier to give up than to risk something not working out. It's not.

I'm no longer searching for a work / life balance, I have a near perfect blend.

Great coffee is non negotiable. Just like direct flights.

If people are constantly trying to put you down, likelihood is they're intimidated by you.

Spending time with people who inspire you is the best cure for any malaise.

If you do work you love, with people you love, it's no longer called work.

There's nothing like your own bed.

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