What I Learned Last Week

Our upbringing shouldn't be an excuse to ‘know no better', it should be our reason to ‘treat people better'.

Your kids can pick up your best and worst traits. Jett’s managed to negotiate 3, yes 3 birthday parties this year… I still have one more left to go!

If you have no role model when you’re growing up, grow up to be one yourself.

Imitation is the least creative form of flattery!

There are so many great people in this world, there is never any need to tolerate mediocrity.

I’m addicted to Sons of Anarchy.

When I don’t run, I just don’t feel right … And it actually feels great to feel like this.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to play hooky, take an afternoon off and go hang with the people who make you happy.

Choosing to run an event on one of the last Saturdays before Christmas is not a good idea.

Meeting your hero isn’t alway what it’s cracked up to be.

I made a promise to myself earlier this year that I wanted to get back into property… Funny how, where and why the opportunity showed up.

Saying no to people, work and so called ‘opportunities’ that aren’t right for you, gives you the space for those that are.

The more you help people in business, the less help you need.

Facebook is both scary and fascinating. My social/business platform of choice.

I do my best work between 5-7am…

2015 was a great year for us, but it was only a dry run… 2016 is our year. I'm coming out all guns blazing – with backup!

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