Twitter shares their success stories


I mentioned this on my Facebook page a while ago, but I just love it, so I'm mentioning it again here! I think it's an interesting way of using Twitter success stories to also act as recommendations. Twitter Stories (or #twitterstories) showcases the best stories from Twitter users, ranging from those that have tweeted about needing a kidney and then getting one, to people who have saved businesses and created new ones through Twitter.

Not only is this a nice way for Twitter to share success stories, but it's a clever move by the social network too, as it acts as a HUGE recommendations page. I've always stressed the importance of businesses having a dedicated, easy to find space for recommendations / testimonials page as it reminds people why they should use your company, product or service. Plenty of recommendations from varied sources proves that Twitter isn't just about describing your lunch. It's a community. And I love it – how about you?

What's your Twitter story?