The Power of Investing in Yourself First

By the time you read this, I will be on a plane headed to New Orleans for Yanik Silver’s 10th Underground event. This is an event that I had heard about for years and always wanted to go to, but somehow never got around to it.

You know … there was always ‘something else’ to do with my time and money.

Then another year would go by and I would have missed another year of meeting new people, creating new opportunities and building new dreams … Not to mention learning the best ways to actually make those dreams come to life.

Sure, I could invest in new technology at work, a new website, a new CRM system, new offices; that was all ‘justifiable’ – but invest in myself? Maybe next year …

That all changed 3 years ago when I decided (against the advice of many friends who told me I was ‘crazy’ to be spending ‘that’ type of money) to invest $10,000 to attend Tim Ferris’s Open The Kimono (OTK) event in Napa. The event was limited to 120 places and you had to apply, be interviewed and then finally, hopefully be accepted. In return, Tim promised to ‘reveal’ all the ‘secrets’ of writing, publishing and promoting a best selling book.

I’d wanted to write a book for years and I needed a catalyst to actually ‘do’ it. Well, it worked. In droves. In 2012 my first book, Stop Talking, Start Doing was published and quickly became a phenomenal best seller – it was WHSmith’s #1 Bestselling Business book for 14 months in a row – breaking all their records.

It’s amazing what can happen when you learn from the best, surround yourself with like-minded people and actually take ACTION on what you learn. Game changing. Life changing.

Sure it was a lot of money, but even if I had to put it all on a credit card, it would still have been the best investment I ever made. I’ve reaped the rewards many, many, many items over. Not just financially, but also in the new, incredible friendships that have been built as a result of it.

Last May, Jayson Gaignard asked me to speak at his first Mastermind Talks event in Toronto. I spoke alongside my hero, James Altucher, Tim Ferris and the amazing Suli Breaks. It was both an honour and a turning point in my career. I realised profit and purpose can go hand in hand … And when they do, just watch what can happen!

Now, guess where I met Jayson Gaignard? Yep, at the Tim Ferris event. He was another participant. You see, as great as speakers at an event are, there exists further enormous opportunities, potential and insights from the other participants, you just have to be open to them.

As for Yanik Silver … Guess where I met him? At Jayson Gaignard’s Mastermind Talks event. Seeing a theme here yet?!

There’s a reason every time we get on a plane, we get the same safety advice: “Put on your own oxygen mask first!” If you can’t survive, you can’t help anyone else.

So, isn’t it time we all invested in ourselves first?

Just imagine what could happen …