How To Supercharge Your Energy With Simon Ong

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How To Supercharge Your Energy With Simon Ong

How To Supercharge Your Energy With Simon Ong

Shaa is joined by award-winning coach, motivational speaker, and author of the incredible new book, ‘Energize’, to talk about his incredible business journey, and how he learned to put the pursuits of his heart and mind above the sometimes superficial achievements we find in the workplace.

What you'll learn:


Far too often, success comes down to the label we acquire in our careers. But these superficial labels tend to come at the cost of our health, happiness and relationships.


If you’re in a profession that is leaving you unfulfilled, and you wish to jump ship, don’t do so without a plan. Build a bridge from one path to the other.


The world has changed in radical ways. People are being placed at the centre of decisions and culture in business, meaning that the value of individuals is finally being recognised.


When we experience an event, setback, failure or win, the way we interpret it will be very different from the way that others do. This means that we are always in control of choosing our own perspective, which changes our reality.

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