Are you made for more?

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Are you made for more?

Are you made for more?

Join Shaa and a few of the women from the ‘Made for More ‘cohort as they explore the role of the ‘Made for More’ Community including why it is so special and how it aids them in always pushing for more in business and in life.

They talk about how having a place you can come together and be honest without fear of judgement, can be invaluable in pushing your dreams, goals and life forward. An uplifting and inspirational episode full of support, encouragement and collaboration.

What you'll learn:


Having people who get you, who understand your struggles and normalise your ambition is imperative to achieve success and retain your mental wellbeing and self-belief. You can share ideas, brainstorm and just talk with understanding and support.


Our path isn’t unique to us, but it might not be shared with our closest family and friends. So, finding a peer support group can really help you connect with others, to have great conversations, work with you and importantly, celebrate with you too.


Belief is essential to working towards your goals. If you don’t believe you can do it, then you won’t. This is why it can be a struggle to talk to people who are held back by their own limiting beliefs and fears. You need to be around likeminded individuals who will uplift you not hold you back and this is where the right community can come into play.


Women aren’t less ambitious, we just tend to have more limiting beliefs due to the way society treats us. Women aren’t less passionate or ambitious, they have just been taught fear and often worry about asking questions.

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