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The One Retreat: Selected by The Guardian as one of the “10 Best Events to attend as a small business owner”

the One Retreat

isn’t about going away,
it’s about coming home;
to yourself.

25–29 September 2023

new opportunities

The One Retreat is run at cost, not for profit. It’s my way of both giving back and paying it forward.

It’s a place for every woman, no matter where you are on your journey. Whether you run your own business or help someone else run theirs. A place where you arrive with your challenges and leave with opportunities. A place where you feel supported and nurtured. A place to press pause.

A place to find yourself. 

I Understand Where You Are

I know it can be hard juggling our business and our personal lives, especially if we don’t have the right support. Something always seems to be falling by the wayside and often that’s ourselves. Well, now it’s time to change that.

My greatest asset is not my business, my books or my bank balance, it’s my support network. The One Retreat is built exclusively for women; entrepreneurs and business owners who want to drive not only their businesses forward, but also their lives. Each retreat is entirely unique. There is a reason it has been voted as one of the top business retreats by The Guardian … it’s magic. I truly believe it’s the best work I do.

Spend 3 life-changing days together in an inspiring, supporting and
safe environment.

Plan Your Next Move

This is your time. To take time; for you. 

We all know how important it is to work on our business, not just in it, but it is just as important to work on ourselves.  This is your chance to do both.

Recharge Your Battery

Women tend to juggle; a lot and often to their own detriment. Careers, businesses, families, friendships, homes, relationships … the list is endless. And we’re typically last on it. This is your time. To put yourself first. 

Get Support

This is the place where I really get involved, personally. I don’t just come in to mentor or coach, I am with you all the time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is totally immersive. In addition, everyone gets a dedicated 1:1 time.

Press Pause

It’s time to let someone else look after you. Mentally and physically. I’ve got you … and you’re about to meet an incredible Sisterhood. 

“Everything was perfect, great mix of personal & business analysis and development. What a wonderful weekend! The personal and business growth it has given me is beyond anything I had anticipated… Eternally grateful for what you helped me create.”

Katie Salinger | Love Your Leisure

“I was worn out and broken. I left a new woman. Recharged, revitalised and with a real sense of purpose.”


Where Life & Business
Come Together

In an honest and loving atmosphere, each participant will have the chance to share their own experiences and learn from other women have overcome similar challenges.

We acknowledge that every woman is at a different stage of life and business and it’s exactly this diversity that makes The One Retreat such an enriching and unique experience.

We’re In This Together

One of the most valuable aspects of The One Retreat is the community. There is no competition, only collaboration. 

This is about women supporting women. 

You will meet a new circle of like-minded friends-for-life.

I spend time alone with everyone and my handpicked coaches will also support you 1:1 to make sure that you leave with a clear plan and the tools to bring it to life.

Get It Done

Take this opportunity for some me-time. Use it to gain clarity on the areas of your life and business that need a tweak, an upgrade or maybe even a complete overhaul.

You’ll be fully suported in creating and implementing  strategy for lasting change.

You will have the perfect blend of group mentoring, coaching, 1:1 time … and down time.

The Location

Selected by The Guardian as one of the “10 Best Events to attend as a small business owner,” The One Retreat is hosted in the beautiful North Downs in Kent. Surrounded by rolling hills and orchards the stunningly renovated Barn, which sleeps up to 22 people, provides a sublime backdrop to a life-changing weekend.

Beautiful, lush accommodation is included, as is the most delicious, instagram worthy and healthy food. 

“A beautiful retreat, hosted with love respect by Shaa, supported by her incredible team and attended by a wonderful diverse and nurturing group of women from all across the world. I feel refreshed, energised, invigorated and ready for tomorrow.”

Michelle Clarke

“Not only did I get relevant business related advise and information but I met a group of women who will nurture me and be the wind beneath my wings! Shaa and the team rocked.”

Heena Thaker

Come with an open mind and leave with confidence, clarity and certainty.

Not to mention a newfound network of 3am friends, big hairy audacious goals and the motivation and courage to acheive them.

And leave any self-doubt or uncertainty behind you.

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