The Key Mindset Shift You Have To Make To Build A Successful Online Business

Creating a successful mindset is the first step to creating a successful online business. It might seem a bit woo woo, but the truth is, without the right mindset, you’re going to struggle way more than you need to.

To build a successful online business you need to understand how to create, market and sell your product or services in an online world. That means you’ve got to understand business and marketing fundamentals and of course, take action.

However, that itself is not enough.

When we learn or attempt anything new, it’s easy for doubt to set in – will it really work, will we fall flat on our faces, what will everyone think of us? Fear and doubt are the two biggest obstacles standing between where you are right now and where you know you should be. Don’t let them win!

The way you think influences everything around you; your self-esteem, your confidence, your creativity and your perseverance. More than anything, it affects what you believe is possible and that my friend is key!

At the same time, an understanding of business and marketing fundamentals isn’t enough to build a successful business.

The right mindset can supercharge your productivity and literally change your results in an instant.

When you tell people that you want to build an ‘online’ business, some of them question what you’re doing.

“Can you ‘really’ make money online? Honestly?”

“Mmm … all sounds a bit too good to be true”

Or the classic…

“I just don’t get it … why would someone want to pay to learn online?”

This is when the right mindset becomes crucial.

You *know* what you’re doing is right, so you just need to smile and move past the naysayers and get on with the job in hand.

The biggest shifts in my life and business have come when I’ve changed my mindset. Without doing that, I might have been stuck where I was.

When I look back to my life just a couple of years ago, I was working so hard, but not doing what I really wanted to do. Sure I had the material trappings of success, but I was just working longer and longer hours. I wasn’t leveraging all the years I’d already put in … I was just doing more and more and more. Then I had a massive mindset shift and everything changed.

Not many of us know how to create a mindset for success, so I’m going to share 3 ways that have helped me. I’m sure they will help you too.


# 1: Develop A Positive Attitude

You’ve got to learn to adopt a positive attitude, even when things go wrong – which they do for everyone. With a positive attitude you’ll be able to respond to whatever life or business throws at you. Instead of freaking out and panicking, you’ll be able to assess what the problem is and figure out a solution. As I always say:

“If man can land on the moon, I must be able to figure this out”

Now, I know that this may be easier said than done, especially if negative people and circumstances surround you.

So my next tip is crucial …


# 2: Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

Even better, surround yourself with people who stretch you and make you question yourself – in a good way. These are the type of people who not only support you, but who are there to urge you on when you have doubts and act as a sounding board or shoulder to rest on when you need it.

Building yourself a strong support network is absolutely key to success of any kind. You’re far more able to push yourself to reach your goals, if you know you have people to catch you should you falter along the way.

The sad fact is that many don’t have supportive people like this in their lives and there is nothing worse than being surrounded by harsh critics and naysayers, especially when you’re building your business. This is the time when you most need support and encouragement


# 3: Always Be Learning

To run a successful online business, we all need to keep learning. The fact is, the online world is ever changing and evolving. As our businesses grow, we need to adopt new skills sets. As our ambitions grow, we want to find new ways to level up.

I’m always looking at where I am in my business right now and thinking about where I want to be next and, making sure I have that path mapped out as clearly as I can. I then think about what I need to take me from here to there: what are the missing parts I need to acquire or learn? Sometimes this is a piece of software, a book or a training program and I know if I look I will always find it.

Changing the way we do business can be challenging, but exciting too. Don’t worry about a few hiccups, that’s all par for the course. It happens to all of us. Instead consider it a powerful learning experience that you can apply to moving your business forward and growing it bigger, better and faster.

I’ve seen far too many people give up at the first hurdle. They’ve tried one or two ideas once or twice and then given up, claiming that what they wanted to do won’t work. That’s rarely true, it’s much more likely to be that they just gave up too early.

Don’t let that be you. Develop the right mindset, surround yourself with supportive people and do the work. Those are the keys to building a successful business.

I’ve done it and I know you can do it too.

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