The End of The World … Or Just a New Beginning

Today is supposed to be the end of the world.

Fortunately, It looks like it hasn’t happened; or at least not in the way many predicted.

There are many interpretations of this prophecy, the world coming to an abrupt halt is just one of them.

For me, it holds some truth, or at least I hope so. I think the world and it’s people are going through a fundamental shift. Our understanding and relationship with money and power is changing; whilst we recognise we need the former to pay our bills and the latter helps facilitate and fast track change; it’s how we use both that really counts.

The pursuit of money and power at all costs is what leads governments, economies, banks and people to become not just financially bankrupt, but emotionally bankrupt too.

Relationships, people, life and love are our most valuable currencies.

How we choose to spend our time and who we choose to spend it with are as important as how we spend our money. If not more so.

For me, the end of the world is not so much an end, but a new beginning. A time to reflect, reevaluate and reconnect with what is truly important.

The future is ours and it’s up to us how we shape it. What will you do with yours?

An end or a new beginning?