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‘The Club’ is my exclusive membership site where you get to hang out with me and get access to my network of world-class experts.

Every month I handpick a genuine tried-and-tested thought-leader that I’ve worked with in my business. They’ll personally deliver an exclusively-created Business Bundle packed with insider insights and truly expert advice to help you grow your own business.

There’s also a library of real business resources, templates and tools curated, tried and tested by me.

Meet the Experts

Each one of my team of experts have created a video course that shows you the inside track on their particular skill, so that you can apply it to your own business. Here’s a selection of them and their skills. Click or tap on the faces below to read more about each featured expert…

Adrian is Shaa’s ‘go-to-guy’ for online marketing and automation and has supported Shaa and her team as they have grown and nurtured Shaa’s audience. A leading digital marketing and automation expert, Adrian is especially known for his knowledge of Infusionsoft, the the world class sales and marketing automation platform used by thousands of small business owners around the world, including Shaa!

Adrian loves working with small business owners, sharing his expertise in marketing technology and strategy so that their businesses can be the very best they can be. He helps them gain clarity, certainty, direction and confidence with their sales, marketing and online strategies.

A serial entrepreneur, he now runs four separate but related businesses, all solving different problems relating to marketing strategy and marketing automation, including Campaign Builder Pro and Adrian’s LAB.

Sarah delivers social media strategy, consultancy and training to a wide range of clients.

She specialises in working with authors, brands & entrepreneurs within the digital market.

With a strong background in sales and marketing she moved into Social Media in 2008 whilst support business to increase turnover through direct engagement.

She works hand in hand to deliver the clients content in their own voice to in increase engagement and revenue on organic social media and digital platforms.

Matt is our Facebook Ads wizard, which seems a fitting title, given that he used to be a professional magician (yes, really).

While still in the entertainment industry, Matt developed his digital marketing skills to promote himself. Once he disappeared from that world (in a puff of smoke?), he started freelancing for a couple of digital marketing agencies, where he honed his skills in promoting small to medium-sized businesses.

That was a couple of years ago. He’s now the director of one of the agencies for whom he used to freelance. Matt runs Facebook Ad campaigns for a wide variety of companies and he’s passionate about helping them to succeed as quickly as possible.

Matt is my ‘go to’ guy when it comes to Facebook Ads, lead generation and online sales and I’m very excited to share what he has to offer with you.

Currently working as Customer Happiness Manager for Shaa and previously worked for Shaa and Matt for Smarta.

Self-taught in Landing Pages, CRM, Automations, Payment systems and anything else Shaa needs help with. 

Previously a former retail manager of 10 years working with such brands as Levis, Office, Barbour and Selfridges.

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Join The Club now for just £9 for your first month

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £29 per month and billed every month. You can cancel at any time.

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Join The Club now for just £9 for your first month

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £29 per month and billed every month. You can cancel at any time.

Just finished watching Matt Duggan’s bundle on Facebook ads and placed my first ad after a long time. Now I just want to refresh the page every second and see if it’s doing anything!

Thanks Matt for a very clear, yet thoughtful set of videos!


Really helpful webinar Adrian, you made it sound less daunting!




Great webinar Adrian! So much content to unpick so I think I need to re-listen and write down my questions in case I missed anything.


I have enjoyed watching the October bundle videos from Mossy. Really helpful as my next step is to learn about landing pages and work on that. Looking forward to chatting with you all in here.



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Join The Club now for just £9 for your first month

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £29 per month and billed every month. You can cancel at any time.