I’ve never been one to sit on a fence or be afraid of doing what’s right.

But now, more than ever, I’ve realised it’s time to stand up and be counted.

Not just for myself, but for everything and everyone I believe in.

Social mobility, equality, equity … 

Now is the time to level the playing field – once and for all.

And I’m baking this into everything I do.

That work starts today.

The work I do.
The change I create.
The impact I make.

And this is my personal invitation to YOU.

To come and join The Mission inside The 6 Figure Club…

This isn't your usual sales page and this isn't your usual online 'club';

First, let me tell you... This isn’t my first rodeo.

And more importantly, I’ve created generational wealth for myself, my son…his future children and grandchildren.

But this year has made it clear to me…

It’s not enough.

Before you think I’m talking about money – I’m not.

Let me give you some backstory:

On paper, I should never have got to this place.
The odds were stacked against me.
Like I know they are for many.

I grew up in a hostel for homeless families, with a violent drug addict for a father.
I had no role model to help me navigate the way out.
No one to show me the opportunities I could create.

My Mum may have had no business experience and very little money.

But she gave me one thing that was more important than all that…

unshakable self-belief

Somehow I always knew (and I’m not saying this is normal) that I’d find my own way.

No matter what.

In a world of vanilla, I always wanted to be pistachio.

My background didn’t hold me back; my future pulled me forwards.

And I’m not about to take my foot off the gas.

Not for me.

Not for you.

Why The Obsession With 6 Figures


I’m fed up with the photoshopping, sugar coating, we can all be millionaires by Monday messaging. It’s not true. 


OK, let me reframe that; you can’t get to 7 without getting to 6 first. And not everyone wants to get to 7 figures. Truth is it requires a whole different skillset and for those of you who want to get; let’s go do it! But not at the expense of taking home less than you were when you were making 6 figures. 

Yes, this really happens. A lot. 

Making 6 figures is not the same as taking 6 figures home; so let’s get you started making it … then taking it home.


And please don’t think 6 isn’t ambitious I mean, hellllooo … there is a big range between 100,000 and 999,999. Pretty sure 99.9% of us would be happy taking home 999,999 right?


OK, that’s the top line, now let’s get to the bottom line.


When you starting *taking* home 6 figures, you shift your whole entire financial future. And not just yours, but your families and your communities too. You start to be able to invest your ‘surplus’ wisely; in yourself, your business, assets, pensions, 401k’s and property.

You start to create generational wealth, not just personal gain.

Generational wealth isn’t just about your kids, it’s about your family, your community and all that is important to you. It’s also not just about the money. The confidence, courage and self belief that you will feel when you reach this milestone is in itself a powerful gift to share and pass on.

Financial Empowerment is a legacy for all. 


The one thing I have always known for sure is:
WE are ALL capable of so much more … and I’m on a MISSION 

to make that a reality for EVERYONE.

I shaped my own destiny, but I didn’t do it on my own.

My greatest asset has always been my support network.

The champions in my corner.

Yes, some are now super successful entrepreneurs, but many are not.

These are my people…
The people who’ve been there with me
every step of the way.

And when you have a support network who has your back:

Everything is possible.

So I’ve got really, really clear … 

I’m on a mission to make the 6 Figure Club a MOVEMENT.

(Not just a membership.)

Inside the 6 Figure Club we’re going to build a bigger table – TOGETHER.

Nothing you know it for is going away…

But a WHOLE lot more is coming in … you ready?!

You’ll have ALL the teaching, tools and templates you need for your next launch, membership, online course & everything else you’ve got cooking…

There’s more (keep reading!).

BUT we’re going beyond ‘teach’ or ANYTHING you’ve experienced before.

I want to truly provide US with a space where WE create a MOVEMENT.

A bigger table that no-one owns but everyone builds.
“A rising tide lifts all ships.”

My invitation to you then ISN’T to merely ‘join a membership’.
It’s to ‘join a movement’.


Here's what I want you to know...

The 6 Figure Club is for YOU if:

But you hit plateau’s and need help breaking through

But where you’re determined to get to

It makes you wanna do it 10 times more

The 6 Figure Club is NOT for you if:

If you’re NOT the type of person prepared to let someone stand on your shoulders – even though you’ve stood on others –
The 6 Figure Club is NOT for you…

6 FIGURE CLUB membership
£97 per month

All for £97 a month

Monthly membership; 30 day rolling contract.


Are you with us? I truly hope so.


£97 per month

All for £97 a month

Monthly membership; 30 day rolling contract.


This isn’t a one-time-and-done thing…get your exclusive designed-by-me ‘Get It Done’ Planner on your doorstep, EVERY SINGLE 90 DAYS.

Hell yeah! Miss anything live – or wanna watch again – and all replays will be up in the Members-Only Facebook Group and/or your online Members Site.

Honestly…as soon as we know more about getting together SAFELY again, we’ll release full details. 

One month. That’s it. Although I’ll be honest here…once you’re in the Club, you’re not gonna want to go anywhere!

But it’s just a rolling commitment, one month to the next. So if it’s NOT right for you, cancel any time.

A final word ...

I’m going to say it one more time… Why we need to focus on 6 figures!

Because when you start to make and then take 6 figures home, your life changes. You create an intervention with whatever financial path you were either born on or found yourself on.

Financial Empowerment.

You start to create generational wealth; whether that’s for yourself, your kids, your family, your community or all of the above.

The average family in London has nearly £5,000 of overheads each month (sure it will be a little cheaper elsewhere, but I like to overestimate my costs and underestimate my sales). Now imagine what happens when you start to bring home £10,000 a month.

You pay off bills, you move home, better schools, pensions, assets …and yes some holidays too.


 It’s not enough just create wealth for personal gain any more.

I know so many of us feel the same.

It’s time to create a generational shift. And long-term, sustainable wealth, for generations to come.

That wealth doesn’t just come in the shape of an increased bank balance.

It comes in empowering your children, your family, your community – to realise what they are truly capable of too.

No matter where they came from and no matter WHAT society tells them.

Imagine if your life had been that way from the start. Well it’s never too late to start.

We are ALL capable of so much more.

NOW is the time to create something so, so much bigger.

Are you ready?

6 FIGURE CLUB membership
£97 per month

All for £97 a month

Monthly membership; 30 day rolling contract.

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