Why It’s Important To Take Time Out

I hadn’t had a proper holiday all year, but I can safely say my 2 weeks in Barbados just made up for that!

We stayed in an incredible private villa on Sandy Lanes, swam with turtles, snorkelled with tropical fish and were lucky enough to see baby turtles hatch and release them into the wild. But the best bit? Taking time out to be with those I love and reconnect with what is truly important.

I recharged my batteries, started planning my business goals for 2013 and wrote a big chunk of my next book.

I also decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time; run a retreat for female business owners www.theoneretreat.co.uk and follow my flow – I'm really excited!

So if you're a woman and would like to work with me on the retreat (25 – 27 Jan 2013) apply asap as it's limited to only 20 women and 50% of places are pre-booked.

Life passes us by so quickly; we need to take time to stop, think and be true to our hearts. I hope you take time out over this festive season to be with the ones you love.

As they say in the Carribean … One Love.