The Four Essential Ingredients for a Successful Launch

There’s nothing more painful than pouring your heart and soul into something, psyching yourself up for the launch, and then not getting the response you wanted … or worse, not getting a response at all!

And yet it happens all the time. I see so many people at my events who have really great ideas or products but they just can’t get the recognition and sales they deserve because they don’t know how to launch. Here’s what I teach them so that they can have a wildly successful launch:

The most important component of ANY launch? An audience!

There’s no point in trying to launch anything if no one is listening. After all, even when you’re selling to an established audience, only about 1% of people in that audience are likely to buy your product. So start off by building up your email list and social media following before you ever think of launching.

Supporting content

It’s not enough just to have a lot of people following you. You also have to get them engaged and excited about you and your product before you ever start to even try to sell to them. The way you do this is by giving them lots of valuable content for free in your blog posts, via email nurture campaigns, and in webinars. Allow people the opportunity to benefit from your expertise without having to always pay for it.

A value tested product

Launching is not the time to experiment with your product — you should never try to launch a product that you’re not 100% sure is not only a great fit for your target market, but is also going to provide them with immense value. The way you figure this out is by launching a mini version of the product first (usually a free one), testing the response of your target market, and then applying that feedback to create a larger version of that product that’s a perfect fit.

A post-launch plan

This is the part that almost everyone forgets. You don’t just want to make a lot of one-off sales from your target market, you want to build a relationship with them so they’ll buy from you over and over again, ideally buying progressively more valuable products. Make sure that once someone becomes a customer, even if it's a low priced entry point product, you have  a clear email nurture campaign in place to keep them engaged with you and interested in your products and services.

I'd love to know … what are you launching soon? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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