I’m Shaa – you can find out more about me here – but if you’re keen to dive straight into building a profitable online business you'll love, then this is a page just for you.

Here I've shared the 5 rules I live and work by and are my guide for any business I start – and that I believe will work for you, too.

Follow these rules and you'll not only build a business you enjoy and are a proud of, but you'll have freedom and income to live life on your terms.


#1 Make it happen

Nobody is going to make this happen but you. It's time to stop talking and start doing. You miss 100% of the shots you never take. Regret weighs heavier than fear – so leave regret for some other sucker! You have to climb into the ring, face your fears and take action to create the life and business you want TODAY. Stop putting off what you know you need to do. Face it head on. Waiting is futile. Starting is progress.

#2 Stop trading time for money

If the only way to make more money and feel more ‘successful’ is to work more hours, then pretty soon you’re going to run out of hours, right? It’s easy to keep doing what you’re doing right now, but what if you could reach out for something bigger and better? What if you could take what you do to an online audience so you could reach more people in less time? Stop thinking what can I do 1:1 and start thinking what can I do 1:1000s.



#3 Aim for 80% digital

Set a goal to take your business 80% digital. A truly scalable business can't be reliant on you being there in person. Don’t scrap 1:1 work if you enjoy it, but build a digital audience so you’re not reliant on it. Create online courses and digital products to start generating recurring online revenue. Focus your energy on serving your digital tribe.

#4 Be authentically you

The individuals and businesses totally crushing it, making more money and really getting attention have authentic, personal brands and stunning visual identities. They know what they stand for and they’re that 100% of the time. I’ve achieved everything I have done by being ME. Nothing else. Understand what your thing is – then be that. Every day. 


#5 Hustle + Serve

Hustle yourself to serve others. Hustle relentlessly to get more done in less time. Don't sacrifice your friends, family or health, but watch less TV than those people who talk about building a better business but never make it happen. Don't hustle to simply make money; hustle to serve your tribe, create transformations and leave a legacy. Hustle to serve and the money will follow.