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Let Me Guide You Through My Step-By-Step Process For
Starting a Business in Just 30 Days

(Plus: We’ll Make Sure It’s Profitable from Day One)

If you want to start a business but don’t know where to begin, then this page
might be the most important thing you read this year. 

After all, starting a business is a daunting task…

There are so many things you need to know and do to
ensure that your business is set up to succeed.

If you miss out more than a couple of those crucial things, it could damage or even destroy your business before you’ve even started.

And there’s nothing worse than seeing a great idea stumble and fall…

Because that means that the business owner also has to go back and start again. Most people can only do that a few times before they settle for a life that’s less than they’re capable of achieving.

It’s painful to be that business owner. More than that, it’s totally unnecessary for things to go that way when the blueprint for a successful business already exists.

I want you to be successful, and that’s why I’ve put something together that I know will be a game-changer for you.

It’s a clearly defined process that you can apply over the next 30 days that (if you follow it) will guarantee that you’ll be set up to be as successful as possible from the get-go.

But if you’re new to my community, then you might be wondering…

‘Who are you and how do I know you’re the best
person to teach me how to start a business?’

I’m glad you asked.

My name is Shaa Wasmund and not only have I built several successful businesses of my own, but I’ve also helped thousands of UK entrepreneurs to create and run their own successful companies. I’m an entrepreneur, public speaker and the author of #1 bestselling books ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’ and ‘Do Less, Get More’. I was part of the founding team at with Sir Bob Geldof and started one of the first social networks, MyKindaPlace, eventually selling it to BSkyB.

I’m an entrepreneur, public speaker and the author of #1 bestselling books ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’ and ‘Do Less, Get More’. I was part of the founding team at with Sir Bob Geldof and started one of the first social networks, MyKindaPlace, eventually selling it to BSkyB.

I was part of the founding team at with Sir Bob Geldof and started one of the first social networks, MyKindaPlace, eventually selling it to BSkyB.

Next I headed up investment fund Bright Station Ventures before starting the award-winning, UK’s #1 website for small businesses. 

At Smarta we helped more than 12 million people into business and grew an active online community of over 500,000 small businesses.

And most recently, in the last 18 months, I’ve generated £1.4million in online sales with my most recent business.

Without wishing to show off, I really know businessAnd I’ve spent a huge amount of time refining the processes for setting up a successful business.

There’s actually a really
simple process to set a business
up for success.

It includes:

Getting your business model right (don’t use standard templates, they don’t work)

Becoming an expert in your target market

Hiring and managing talented people (easier that you might think)

Making sales and dealing with fulfilment

Balancing your cashflow so that you can grow without going bust

But the problem you face right now is that most of that knowledge is out there in a ton of different places.

In fact, I don’t know anywhere where you can get all the information you need that will take you from zero to a real business in just 30 days.

That’s why I’ve created this:

Start a business
in 30 days


I want to give you the EXACT structure and framework that I’ve repeatedly used to launch businesses that are profitable from day one and that I love running.

I want you to see how straightforward it is to make money using the skills, knowledge and expertise you already have and make your dream business a commercial reality in under 30 days.

That’s why, when you enroll in my Start A Business course, you’ll get instant access to 30 days of video content, with each step broken down into simple steps that you can take to move forward.

Every day, you’ll make progress until you have your business set up for success.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what we’ll cover together in the next 30 days:

It helps you select the right business for you; explains how to test your idea before taking the plunge and set up for home business success. I’ll show you how to land your first customers and how to use content and social media to keep them coming back for more.

This is course is super practical and draws on my own experiences of setting up three home businesses in the last 18 months. There’s no waffle or unnecessary theory, just real world advice to ensure you make it happen and are making money from day one. 

Here’s exactly what you’ll be get access to when you sign up today:


Start A Business in 30 Days with
Shaa Wasmund MBE


It’s time… Time to get the first customers through the doors of your business (even if it’s a virtual business). If you master the art of this, you’ll have a skillset will ensure your business always has customers and cashflow.

Market Research

Your audience is your most important asset, so in this module, we’ll research the market to uncover what that audience wants and how we can best reach and serve them.

Business Planning

Now it’s time to plan out your business. If you want to be sure that you’re on the right track, or even get funding for your business, then you’ll need a clear plan that you’ll actually follow. This video shows you how.

Do Your Sums

Knowing your numbers might be one of the most important things you can do in the early stages of your business. This is what will make the difference between just surviving and actually thriving.

Testing the Market

Now things get interesting! We’re going to start sharing our business with the target market to gauge the reaction and potential success of the offering.

Refining the Pitch

Based on the data and feedback you got from yesterday’s exercises (module 5), we’ll start to refine your pitch so that you can get very clear on how you’ll present your offer to the world.

Reviewing Your Progress

What’s worked and what hasn’t? Now is the perfect time to evaluate your progress and to understand where your business is at before we start to really ramp things up.

Your Skills and Expertise

Nobody is 100% brilliant at everything, even you. 😉 In this module, you’ll identify areas where you’re strong and then plan how you’re going to address any weaker points. I’ll even give you some great places to find talent to work on your business..

Registering the Business

Today is D-Day! This is where the business becomes official and you start trading as a proper company. Exciting times.

Setting Up a Website

Your shop front to the world needs to be open for business soon, so let’s get started by setting up your website.

Creating a Logo

How is your company and website going to be identified? The logo might feel like a fairly small step, but it’s going to define your brand, so let’s nail it now before we go any further.

Creating a Brochure

Over the coming week, you’re going to be pitching to a lot of potential clients and maybe even investors, so it pays to have something that you can give them to explain more about what you do.

Collecting Payments

A business isn’t a business for long if it doesn’t have cashflow. In this video we’ll look at the different options, depending the nature of your business and how you’re going to operate.

Reviewing Your Progress

Once again, it’s time for a review session. Here we’re going to get everything in order for the next week, as well as looking back to make sure we’re set up to be as successful as we can, as quickly as possible.


And that’s just the first two weeks!

Ready to jump in right now and start creating an
income and business you love?

Getting Customers

It’s time… Time to get the first customers through the doors of your business (even if it’s a virtual business). If you master the art of this, you’ll have a skillset that will ensure your business always has customers and cashflow.

Engaging Partners

Another amazing way of generating more revenue streams (and more customers) is to work with partners. Today, we’re going to be finding and proposing ideas to partners for some mutually beneficial deals.


Ah, the art of networking is one that I see so many business owners get badly wrong. When done right, this will create relationships with top level people that actually last (and that make you all more money along the way).

Online Communities

This is a BIG one! Brand awareness, trust and credibility are just some of the benefits you’ll get from becoming more visible online. I’ll explain how to do it without spending your whole life on Facebook.

Following Up with Leads

Staying in touch and following up with potential customers is one of those core skills that all successful business have got nailed. This video explains the process for following up on social media and other conversations.

Client Management

While yesterday was about the personal touch, today is about how we scale that, using some automations to keep your prospects warm and your customers hot for your products or services!

Reviewing Your Progress

It’s that time again. We’re going to go through what you’ve done and what you’ve learned over the past week. Most importantly: What’s really worked this week that you can use again and again to succeed?

MODULE 22   
Business Insurance

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen businesses overlook this, but it’s crucial for pretty much everyone. For some businesses, it’s vital and could even result in your business getting shut down if it’s not ensured properly. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Legal T&C’s

Not exciting, but so important. Lawyers don’t come cheap, but if you get the legalities of your business right early on, you’ll never have to worry about them again, and you’ll be covered should anything go wrong.


Hands up who loves doing their accounts? Yeah, I’m guessing it’s not many people. But you have to make sure that the right amount of money is coming in and going out, so let’s quickly get our heads around accounting before we move on.


The problem that many start-ups have at this stage is that they need skills that they don’t possess, but they don’t want to hire employees. The solution? Outsource. In this video, I’ll explain how to do it effectively.

Cashflow Management

I can’t overstate this: Cashflow is the lifeblood of every single business. You have to get good at managing this or it is guaranteed to spell the end for your business. Don’t make costly mistakes. Watch this video and get your cash under control.


It’s time to up your pitching game. You have your pitch and by now, you’ve even used it to secure new business. In this video you’re going to take everything you’ve learned and refine the pitch to be as good (and as confident) as it can possibly be.

Reviewing Your Progress

This is your final review session, so make the most of it! We’re going to go back and make sure that you have everything in order to launch this business to the world and develop it to be as successful as it can be.

MODULE 29   
Support Network

If you’re going to get the biggest impact in the shortest time, then you should consider getting some professional support. I’ll explain the options you have and which one I would use to get the accountability, the impact and the business advice you need.

MODULE 30   
Leadership Development

You made it! This is the final day and on one hand, you’ve completed this first part of the journey. However, it is only the first part, so now it’s time to start developing your skills as a leader in your field. This is how you become that person that people want to work for and that customers look up to.

This could be the start of an incredible journey for you.

Ready to start your business? Click the button below now:

Even if you take slightly longer than 30 days to complete it,
you’ll have everything you require to start a successful business.

Not only that, but you’ll also save a massive amount of time, energy and money:

You won’t have to search high and low for the answers (they’re all here)

You won’t waste time asking the wrong people (who haven’t built a successful business) what to do, only to find out it doesn’t work.

And you’ll save a load of money, because you won’t make all the costly mistakes that every startup business makes when they don’t have a roadmap.

I really have poured my heart, soul and experience into this course
and the early feedback we’ve had from it shows just how much
people are getting from it.

What If It Was 100% RISK FREE?

Listen, I get it. Fear of failure holds us back.
It shouldn’t
, because regret always weighs heavier than fear.

BUT… I get it.

That’s why I want to make this a risk-free investment for you.

 So… if you enroll in my Start a Business Course, do the work and find that you are NOT making major strides towards creating a life-changing business, then simply let us know within 30 days of your investment and I’ll return every penny of your investment.

However, if you do decide to do that, be prepared to show us the work you’ve done on the course up to that point.

Why do I insist that you actually put in the work?

Because I’ve created something that has been proven to work and I’m committing my time to you. All I ask is that you do the same in return.

If you put in the effort, it will save you from having to write that awkward email. Instead, you’ll be joining me in my Facebook group The Freedom Collective to share your weekly wins!

If it’s genuinely not working for you, you have my 100% no quibble, money back guarantee.

Sound fair?

Then let’s get started:

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