Smarta Startup Bootcamp – Exclusive Discount For Readers

An exclusive discount code from me to readers

I’m so excited to be part of a business event packed with £100m+ of business brains next week. As a host and keynote speaker at the Smarta Startup Bootcamp, I’ll be introducing a line-up of digital marketing wizards, unbelievably well connected networkers and investors with millions of pounds of small business finance in their hands. If you’re starting or growing a business, you need to join me at this event on Tuesday 13 May.

I know how important this event is going to be to all of you. There will be so much actionable insight from these businesses geniuses that I can’t let you miss out. That’s why, if you book your ticket with the exclusive discount code SHAA, you’ll get it for just £49.

That’s less than half the normal price for this event, and it’s a complete steal as it gives you access to more than £100m in proven business experience.

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At the Smarta Startup Bootcamp, Isaiah Hankel will join me as a keynote speaker. Isaiah is the scientist, author and coach who has literally written the book on getting the focus you need to succeed in business. Black Hole Focus has helped thousands of entrepreneurs spend less time on the things that don’t matter, and more time growing a fantastic business.

Isaiah will be going even deeper into how and why you should be focusing your mind for success as he delivers the day’s closing speech.

The Bootcamp also welcomes six more entrepreneurs who will be sharing their experience in funding and marketing. Most importantly, they will be giving you their time in small group breakout sessions to share the lessons they’ve learned from closing million pound deals.

I can’t overemphasise how valuable this all day event will be to your business. You’ll walk away full of tips that you can start using the second you are out of the venue.

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