To Two Videos That Will Show You How To Brainstorm And
Research The Perfect Business For You In Just A Few Short Hours

These two videos are taken directly from my complete ‘Start A Business In 30 Days’ course and they will show you the two key things you must do to decide on the best possible business for you.

Here’s the breakdown of what we’ll cover:

Video 1


Let’s get started with deciding on what business you’re going to create, by putting all your ideas out there and then evaluating them for success.

Video 2

Market research

Your audience is your most important asset, so in this module, we’ll research the market to uncover what that audience wants and how we can best reach and serve them.

Now that you’ve downloaded my business plan guide, you need to quickly work out which business you’re going to run. Equally, you’re going to need to understand the market that you’re selling to. Get either of these parts

Get either of these parts wrong and you could easily be setting your business up for failure… But you won’t know that it’s built to fail until it’s too late.

Save yourself the time and money and instead, follow the practical strategies that I’ve used to create 3 successful, real-world businesses.

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