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Welcome to the Bigger Table Podcast!

The show for misfits, mavericks and magic makers … all the entrepreneurs and business owners out there wanting to scale their income and their impact.


I’m on a mission to level the playing field and build a bigger table.

To create generational wealth for all, not a few.

To make sure no one ever has to wait for a seat again.

This is for every entrepreneur on their journey to making more money and creating more impact.

This is for the misfits, the mavericks and the magic makers.

This is about digging in, doing the work and realising our greatest dreams.

Buckle up. Let’s go!

Let’s build a bigger table together, on which no one has to wait or ask for a seat!

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Listen up as I share with you my ‘why’ behind this podcast and my reasons for launching it. I believe everyone should have a seat at the table…

In this episode, I tell the other (less glamorous) side of my story. The half that fuels my mission every single day…

I’m absolutely THRILLED to welcome the amazing Amy Porterfield as my first guest to the Building a Bigger Table Podcast…

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Hey there!

Welcome to Building A Bigger Table! I’m Shaa and it would be fair to say I’m a little outspoken about the things that really matter to me; social mobility, equity and financial empowerment. So if you’re ready to increase your income *and* your impact, this is for you. If you’re looking to get rich quick, this ain’t your jam.

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