Shaa and Kevin Greene

Why It Pays to Be Spontaneous

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at Power to Achieve alongside Simon Coulson and Andy Harrington.

Like most days, I’m always in a rush trying to get from one place to the next and keep all the plates spinning, so I didn’t have the time to watch the other talks, but I did manage to grab a coffee with one of the other speakers, Secret Millionaire and wealth expert, Kevin Greene.

He told me he was off to Spain for 10 days to write his book … well, you know me, I couldn’t help but be interested, after all books and business are my favourite topics!

So I asked him what his plans were; “I’m not sure, I’ve got great content that I know is really valuable to an audience and if they apply what I teach, it can bring them financial freedom, no matter what their current situation.” Mmm … “How do you do that then?!”

Kevin went on to explain to me his own system for creating wealth, which isn’t about any get rich quick scheme or multi level marketing, but instead about the fundamentals that have helped most of the world’s wealthiest people become wealthy; property and business. Being a keen property investor myself, albeit an amateur one, I know how much property has made a difference to both my short term and long term wealth, as has business.

The truth is, property and business are the only two things that have ever made me money. I know there are other ways, likes stocks and shares, but I always like the tangible things, the things that I can understand, touch or feel.

I’d also made a decision that after a 5 year hiatus, I wanted to start property investing again, so maybe this conversation was meant to happen!

As I started to give Kevin some advice about the different avenues he could take with his book, I realised what he really needed was a proper brainstorming session, but he was off to Spain.

Kevin jokingly suggested I should jump on a plane and go to Spain for a couple of days – I could get some sun AND help him write his book!

So, I did! It’s all too easy to think we’re too busy to do something spontaneous, but you know, it’s when you step out of your comfort zone that life gets interesting and opportunities appear.

And so … I am now speaking with Kevin at his Business & Property Foundation Training on the 14th June 2014.

I’m really hoping you can join and as I’m such a big believer in the power of property and business to transform our lives.

Kevin has kindly offered the first 20 people to register from this blog a complementary ticket here:

After these spaces have been taken, you can still register for a heavily discounted ticket here:

See, when you give, give and give … sometimes, you don’t even need to ask!

I promise it will be an amazing event and I never put my name to anything unless I truly believe there will be huge value in it for you.

Look forward to seeing you there!



Shaa X