How To Organize Your Life: Less, But Better

How to organize your life? The answer is simple; less, but better.

We live in a society where ‘more’ has become our ‘raison d’être’ …  more work, more clients, more food, more furniture, more gadgets, more clothes, more office space, more likes, more ‘friends’, more ‘followers’ … more debt, more obesity, more depression, more anxiety.

In our constant pursuit of more, we have created an ironic situation where we are actually achieving less of the things that really matter to us. And, I believe, contradictorily, the only way to achieve more of what we truly want, is by doing less. But better.

As business owners, we have been led to believe that the measure of our success is our size, but many of us have woken up to realise that big does not equal success, success is actually about doing really good work. Work that we love, work that our customers love.

“If I was always busy and I managed to avoid wiping out, sooner or later, everything would work out” Seth Godin

As people who live in a Western society, we have grown up believing that material possessions are not only a measure of our career success, but also our happiness barometer. This is despite the fact that every happiness report shows that the purchase of material possessions only increases our levels of happiness for incredibly short periods of time – like sugar, there is a short spike, but no long term benefit. Compare that to what truly makes us happy; creating and sharing experiences with the people we love and you begin to see where we are going wrong. We may have the money to buy the ‘stuff’, but we don’t have the ‘time’ to appreciate it with the people we love.

The typical entrepreneur’s conundrum; “ But, I have so much to do, I don’t even know where to start”

The answer is less, but  better.

Frustrated, exhausted and stuck on a treadmill?

  • Don’t take the first job, take the great job.
  • Don’t keep mediocre staff, hire the amazing ones.
  • Don’t pick projects that simply increase your overheads, pick the projects that make you happy … and a profit.
  • Do less work, but do truly great work (hint: you will earn more money)

Felling overwhelmed at home?

  • Wear less. Less clothes, more choice. (Don’t believe me? Just try it …)
  • Buy a scanner. Less paperwork = less headaches.
  • Less food, more health.

Never enough time to see the people that really matter?

  • Less yes, more no … Stop saying yes, when you really want to say no.
  • Less people, more joy.
  • Less TV, more life.

You can do anything, you just can’t do everything …