The Most Powerful Network You Can Have

Last Thursday, I walked into a barn in the middle of nowhere in Kent that was filled with 20 women. Some were already running successful businesses but they didn’t know how to take them to the next level, some were just starting out, and some were running businesses that looked successful to everyone on the outside, but were actually draining the life out of the women running them.

Three days later I walked out of a barn filled with 20 women who had been completely transformed, and I was again reminded of the power of a support network. People often think of networks in a Machiavellian sense, trying to form alliances with people that can benefit them or with whom they can trade favors, and there’s nothing wrong with having a strictly business partnership with someone.

But it’s when you get a group of people together who are willing to give, give, give before they ever ask, who are willing to accept each other at their worst while always challenging each other to be their best, that’s when you get truly amazing things happening.

And that’s why I know that The One Retreat is my best work — I am so honoured every time to see how genuinely the women who attend show up, give so freely of themselves, make themselves vulnerable to receive so much from others, and share it with so many of their friends that we fill almost every spot every time without any advertising.

Because while you can provide all of the practical support in the world to someone, it’s all ultimately useless if they don’t have personal, soul-deep support from other people who really know what they’re going through.

So to every woman who became a part of this sisterhood at The One Retreat: thank you. It’s an absolute honour to hustle and serve alongside you.

And if you’re reading this and think “That’s for me. That’s the support I need in my life and business” then click right here to learn more about The One Retreat — my very best and most unexpected work. The sisterhood’s waiting for you.