• Tell us more, so we can help you

    After receiving your Mastermind Kick-start forms, many of you have highlighted that you want training on specific areas. So please complete this short form telling us SPECIFICALLY what your needs are so we can ensure we get the right experts in and provide you with content that YOU require.

  • Tell us IN DETAIL what you would like to learn about regarding marketing as this area is HUGE! Here's some things to get your mind thinking... - Do you want information on online or offline marketing - How to write copy - How to generate leads - How to speak in public - How to get PR - How to build online funnels etc

  • Tell us IN DETAIL how we can help you connect with your dream partners. Think about topics like: - How to connect with key people of influence - Networking skills - Negotiation skills - What groups / organisation you can join etc.

  • This is another minefield of a topic, so be SPECIFIC in asking for the help you need to ensure you are using the right systems for you. Consider subjects like: - The best CRM systems to use - What software helps you automate your marketing - How to manage finances - Software to help you become more productive etc.

    So after going through these categories is there anything that we have missed that you have a BIG DESIRE to cover? If so please describe the topic in detail here.