The Lies Our Minds Tell Us (That Hold Us Back)

I talk about business a LOT. Usually it’s about ‘hard’ skills, practical skills; teaching people how to acquire new skills.When I talk about how important our ‘mindset’ is in all of this, some people think it’s just a platitude and not really all that relevant. I never quite understand how managing our mind is considered a ‘soft’ skill when this is the hardest skill of all to master!

Our minds are incredibly powerful. They have the power to change our lives, but also to prevent us from taking the very actions that can lead to great change.

Like our bodies, our minds like being in the ‘comfort zone’, they like the familiar, the known, the comfortable. But that is not where we grow, nor where we find real happiness. It is certainly not where the magic happens.

It’s a bit like ‘reverse psychology’… instead of pushing us forward into the lives that we’ve dreamed of, it keeps us stuck where we are. It comes up with a series of ‘excuses’ dressed up as ‘reasons’ for why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. Here are some of the most popular ones. Once you recognise them, my advice is to ignore them and plough ahead!

1. It’s easy for them… We con ourselves into believing that it’s easier for someone else than it is for us. We list all the reasons (most of which are lies) that they can do something and we can’t. Flip it – find people who have had it harder than you (there will be plenty) and have STILL done it.

2. I’m too (fill in the blank)… Old, young, poor… It’s just not true. If you want to do it, you will find a way. If you don’t, your mind will find plenty of examples why you can’t.

3. I don’t have time… This is a favourite for me. We’re all so busy, it seems a logical reason, but it’s still an excuse. Whether it’s exercising or growing your business, you can find the time if you want to. Sure you might have to give up something else… like an hours sleep or a bit of TV, but it will be well worth the sacrifice.

4. I’ll do it when… The old ‘if/then/when’ syndrome. I’ll do ‘it’ as soon as I’ve ‘finished this course, sorted out childcare, lost 10 lbs, got my promotion, etc.’ There’s always something we’re waiting on. Don’t. Just get on and do it.

5. I’m scared… Now this one can be real. We all get scared. No one is immune. It’s what we do when we’re scared that counts. Running away never takes us to where we want to go. As Susan Jeffers once said “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.”

I’d love to know what excuses your mind has come up with…

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