What I Learned Last Week

What I Learned Last Week - Shaa.com


That it’s really, really hard to find great copywriters.

I have a phenomenal designer – her name is Jess, I can’t give away anymore details for fear of her not having any time left for me!

Having a proper, beautifully branded ‘stand’ at a show makes all the difference. Always invest in great design.

New year, new website. Oh yeah.

I’m a real woman’s woman, but boy do I have some great guys in my corner. Special nod to Deri Llewellyn and Brad Burton this week.

We doubled our revenue projections this year. Hard work, a great team and being authentic pays off.

I still love talking at The Business Show … Especially to standing room only crowds. Great to see my friends Paul O Mahoney, Daniel Priestley and Brad Burton packing out every talk too!

What I Learned Last Week


I’m useless at DIY. Can’t even knock a nail in straight!

I hate paperwork, but not having it up to speed creates an even bigger headache. Having someone you trust do this for you or with you is worth its’ weight in gold.

If something is really important to you, go all out. Jump on a plane. Go into the jungle. Travel to the ends of the earth for it. Don’t look back and regret what you didn’t do. Just do it.

It warms my heart that Jett is so proud of his Barbados / Bajen background. Understanding your heritage and being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what colour it is, is key to being both grounded and confident.

A sleepover at The Science Museum is ALL it’s cracked up to be … especially with a bunch of 10 year old boys! I might need to catch up on some sleep though!

The Ivy is my favourite private members club … I know its sounds all posh, but its’ not. Just classy. Proper.

Talk doesn't cook rice …

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