From the desk of Shaa Wasmund,
Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author of “Stop Talking, Start Doing” – WHSmith’s #1 business book for 14 months in a row!

“I’d always talked about writing a best-selling business book – and in 2012 I finally did it!

‘Stop Talking, Start Doing – A Kick in the Pants in Six Parts’ broke all WHSmith’s records for holding the top business book chart position for longer than any other book in their history.

This was achieved in addition to running the UK’s leading small business website, and holding a number of significant Non Exec Board positions. However busy you are and however little time you think you have, you can write a bestselling book…

And I’m going to show you how to do it!

Writing and publishing a book establishes you as a go-to expert. Writing a book is probably one of the best ways to rapidly build credibility in your industry. It builds your personal profile, creates PR opportunities and determines you as a thought-leader and speaker in your field of expertise. That in turn helps you charge much more for your time and expertise than your peers. Which is why I highly recommend you listen to this incredible webinar to get you started on your book-writing journey!

I will be sharing the lessons I’ve learnt and the exact steps you need to take to get your book planned, drafted and ready for a publisher to consider within 90 days.

At the live event (recorded), I had the publishers, editors and marketing managers of Wiley, Capstone, Penguin and Random House all sharing their industry insights on the latest successful book trends, the decline of the retail market and how to counteract it, the best online marketing strategies and the best routes to get your book to market.

We are talking about having the ‘best of the best’ of the business book publishing world all under the same roof!

This is a unique chance to really learn from the experts and those that have actually written and created #1 Best Selling books themselves!

The topics covered include:

  • Different routes to market: self publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • How to secure a book agent
  • How to make yourself attractive to a publisher
  • How to secure an advance from your publisher
  • Five biggest insider tips if you are planning on self-publishing
  • How to grow your platform to market your book
  • The two different types of PR you can generate from your book
  • Case studies from other bestselling authors

The webinar itself is based on a live event I executed at RADA in London in April 2013, packed with 200 people and lasting for 6 hours.

These are the people we had on the panel:

Bestselling author of ‘Stop Talking Start Doing’, WHSmith’s #1 Business book for the last 12 months. Founder of, the UK’s #1 resource for small business.

As a publisher at Wiley, the UK’s #1 business publisher, Iain helps people with original ideas about life and work share their stories in print and digital – building reputations, winning fans and helping people do stuff better along the way.

As the Commissioning Editor for Wiley Business and Capstone, Holly works with some of the UK’s most successful non-fiction authors. She is on a constant quest to find leading experts in business and personal development.

Megan Saker is the Marketing Manager at Wiley responsible for the general business titles and the Capstone imprint. She works closely with authors to run thorough marketing campaigns to ensure maximum book sales.

As a Publisher at Penguin, Joel has over 15 years editing and publishing experience. Joel’s expertise is spotting and creating a bestseller.

Susanna Abbott is the Editorial Director of Vermilion, the UK’s leading lifestyle imprint, with over 15 years of publishing experience. She specialises in identifying and developing new talent and has published numerous bestselling authors, including Steve Peters (The Chimp Paradox) and Dr Michelle Harvie (The 2-Day Diet).

Richard is Penguin’s Communications Manager and overseas marketing, PR and business development for Penguin’s market-leading range of business books. He was previously Sales Director for Dow Jones Consumer Media (The Wall Street Journal Europe, Financial News and Wealth Bulletin).

Author of new book ‘Clarity’, Jamie is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach and consultant. He developed Innate Thinking, a methodology that helps individuals and organisations find the unexpected keys to clarity.

To give you a taster for this series, you can get part 1 of this webinar (76 minutes) totally free – just enter your email below and we’ll send you the link.