How to save time, money and hassle…there’s an app for that!

Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without!

I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to do the amazing stuff I do and call it “work”. Last week I held the first Growth Hacking System event in London where 44 entrepreneurs from all over the world came together to learn ways to fast track growth for themselves and their businesses.

One significant “hack” for me has been how I can use technology and apps to save time, money and hassle whilst increasing my results and revenue.

So here are my favourites and a little background to how I use them; hopefully you will give them a whirl and see what they can do for you!


If I was told I could only keep ONE app on my phone, Evernote would be it. I use it for everything from scanning receipts (so I never have that dreaded ‘search through purse to find the receipt that you’ve actually thrown away’ moment) to writing blogs posts, taking visual documentation of meetings to share with my team, meeting notes and even using it for writing my next book. It’s my Swiss Army knife for business!

Disclaimer: I’m fronting up EvernoteBusiness’s new European campaign as I’m such a fan girl! 🙂



The go to place to simply “drop” everything that I need to keep on file; presentations, photos, documents. You name it, I’ll find it in Dropbox.


ASANA – Mobile and Web

It was love at first sight! My life has literally changed since I found Asana and trust me, I have tried *every* productivity app there is – paid, free, super expensive! All of them. Asana is the only one I’ve kept using and the only one that I now have the whole team at Smarta using too. If you juggle multiple projects, businesses and ideas, you need Asana in your life. In fact, once you start using it. You can thank me later – either in the comments or email Yes, it really is *that* good!



For me to use an app for more than a few days it has to be: beautiful, simple and make a difference to my life. This is all 3. Just taking 5 minutes a day to note what you are grateful for is incredibly grounding and empowering. It reminds of us *why* we do what we do and how much we have to be grateful for.


Give them a go and let me know much they transform your productivity!