How To Get Karma Points

Too often people are on the lookout for what they can get from a person or situation. Where's the contact? How much money could I earn from this? How can this person progress my career? Is this person going to be useful to me?

No matter how virtuous we might like to think we are, we've all done this at some point and some of us more than others.

Sure, you might get a one off financial reward for thinking like this. You might make a contact who opens a door for you. But it won't last.

Karma Points are far more valuable. They open lots of doors and keep on opening them. They don't just pass on an email, they give a personal recommendation. They're practical too. They can build websites in 48 hours, take great photographs when you've got no budget, they even look after your kids when you have a last minute deadline. They help your start up, start up. They rally round if it doesn't work and help you find a way to pivot through. They save your bacon, fuel your engine and give you a wholly ‘fair' advantage.

So how do you get them?

Easy. Pay it forward.

Notice what others need and help them without expecting anything in return. Do this daily.

I repeat: Notice. Then help (without expecting anything in return).

If you give only to get, that's just an ulterior motive. And life is too short to be keeping tabs!

Happy Karmic Thursday – help someone today!

ps. Acknowledge someone amazing …
Rather than getting you to tell me what you did to help someone, please comment below and acknowledge someone who did something amazing for you.

You don't need to name the person (unless you want to) but the key criteria is that they did it for you without expecting anything in return! I know if you can see their generosity, you will pay it forward!