How To Do Everything You Want

I love to write. It is a powerful outlet for creativity, ideas and provides a medium to connect with people I’ve not yet met. It’s one of my greatest joys.

Yet if you look at the last time I wrote a blog, you’d think I was trying to avoid it.

That is one of the perils of modern day life. How do we do everything when our ‘To Do List” seems never ending? How do we decipher the ‘Important’ from the ‘Urgent’? How do we take care of all of our responsibilities whilst ensuring the things that make our heart sing aren’t pushed to the back of the queue? NOTE: The back of the queue never seems to get to the front …

I’m not going to pretend it’s simple or that I’ve got it completely sussed, I haven’t, but I’ve certainly woken up to the fact that if I don’t do the things I love, everything else seems like a chore


Here’s a list of the things that I’ve been putting to the back of the queue:









The result? I feel flat, running on empty and off my ‘game’. So how does working like this benefit me? It doesn’t. Nor does it benefit anyone else.

That’s the trick. We have to realise that in order to operate at our peak, we need to feed and nurture our lives as a whole, not just the part that works and makes money.

By doing so, we will think quicker, solve challenges faster, get more creative, be more inspired and produce better results. You’ll also be happier, healthier and more fun to be around. Win win.