I’m Declaring War On Guilt. Come Join Me!

Around this time of year, a lot of people start looking back at the year and judging themselves — it’s so easy to be optimistic at the beginning of the new year, but then you start putting things off as the year goes on, and keep doing that until they start putting out the Christmas decorations and you realize that the year’s almost over and another year has gone by without you writing your book or starting your business, or moving to France, or whatever your big life goal is.

So a lot of people fall into this nasty guilt spiral. They feel great starting new projects, but then they let it go, and put it off, and feel guilty until they start a new one, because they just know it’s going to be different this time.

I say enough. I’m declaring war on guilt.

This guilt spiral doesn’t do anybody any good, especially not you. If you really want to kill this habit, you have to realize that you’re human. We all tend to overcommit ourselves, to think that we can do more than we can in a day, and we all love talking about what we’re going to do much more than actually doing it. We’ve all got limitations: limited willpower, limited energy, limited time.

So you’ve got limited willpower. Sign up for programs that get you to implement while you’re still doing them, or get an accountability partner to keep you on track.

So you’ve got limited time. Well, not really, we’ve all got the same amount of time. But you can learn time management skills, like using the Pareto principle or the Pomodoro technique to get so much more done in a day than you ever thought possible.

So you’ve got limited energy. Then make it a priority to take care of yourself in the other aspects of your life so that you can be in top shape for your projects. For me, this looks like running in the mornings, limiting screen time, drinking lots of fresh juice, and setting aside absolutely non-cancellable time to spend with my son and my friends. The details may look different for you, but remember to always keep your basics taken care of — don’t let yourself get too hungry, to isolated, or too tired.

Are you ready to make next year the year that you finally kill the guilt cycle and knock out your big project? Tell me all about it!