Friday Favourites

Rather than wait for the New Year, I thought I’d kick off one of my ‘resolutions’ early … To search the web and the world to share some of my favourite things.
Could be anything; business, restaurants, hotels, websites, people, apps and everything in between! Who knows, it might be you!
So for my first Friday Favourites, Im going to kick off with a few things that are helping me get organised for a super productive 2013.


Now this was recommended to me by the lovely Maggie, Virtual Assistant at OfficeHounds. I have to admit, I was sceptical at first … How on earth could any single app help me run all my projects simultaneously with a simple, engaging interface that makes me use it? And it’s free? No way! Way! Life just got a whole lot easier.

New Evernote

Yep, I know Evernote in itself isn’t new, but if you tried it before and thought it wasn’t for you, think again. The new update is stunningly beautiful, intuitive user interface and a million different uses. Check it out and let me know what you think!


The best ‘list maker’ out there. So much more than a simple To Do list. Syncs across all devises, PC to Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, you name it. Delegate tasks, share with others, reminders and everything else you need. A recent upgrade caused some technical jitters, but all seems to be resolved now. Truth is I don’t think the guys behind Wunderlist factored in just how many people would upgrade! The new update adds not just a far more user friendly interface, but a lot of useful functionality too. Stunning. All this and it’s FREE too!

If you’ve got a favourite, share it!