about the book

Have you ever dreamt of doing something new – setting up a business, getting in shape, or writing a novel – but haven’t gotten round to actually doing it?

It’s time to work out what is stopping you from starting.

“Oh, I’ll do that when the kids are a little bit older/ when we’ve got enough money in the bank account/ when I lose 10lbs/ when I have more time…”

Sound familiar? It’s time to prioritise what is important to you in life — because life is passing you by anyway, so you might
as well fix that sh*t now.

let’s fix this together

Whether you have work sh*t, relationship sh*t, money sh*t, health sh*t or just general life sh*t, let’s fix it all!

What you’ll get in this book is real talk (nothing great comes from comfort zones) as well as simple systems and no-nonsense guidance to getting what you really want.

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Know you want to write a book but not sure how to publish it?

My 2 min quiz will show you the best publishing option for you – dash whether that is self published through a ‘single’ publisher or hybrid publishing… Plus I will show you exactly how to do it.

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