Five WordPress plugins your business blog needs

If you're building a blog for your business, my general advice is that WordPress is your best option. It gives you the flexibility and functions to create a professional-looking blog, without the need to know a lot about HTML.

WordPress plugins are little widgets you add into your blog to integrate new features or functions. If you've just started on WordPress and you're not sure which ones to add, here are a few of the best basic ones:


You know that green retweet button you see everywhere? That's a TweetMeMe button. It allows visitors to share your content on Twitter, and see how many people have already tweeted it (and who they are). The easier you make it for your readers to share your content, the more they'll do it. Have a look at the bottom of this post and you'll see it – feel free to Retweet! 🙂

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later is a clever plugin that sends a Thank You email to anyone who takes the time to comment on your post. You can edit the email, so you could let those who comment know about your Facebook page, your products and services or the best email to contact you on. It's a great way to follow up on potential sales leads.

All in One SEO Pack

If you want your posts to do well in search results, the All in One SEO Pack is an essential plugin to install. It allows you to enter an alternative title, summary and keywords. This allows you to be creative with the title of your blog post, while being search engine-friendly.

Google Analytics

Tracking your blog visitors is essential if you want to see what you're doing right or wrong, and it's always interesting to see where your visitors are coming from and how they're finding you. The Google Analytics plugin is the easiest way to track your visitors, and it's really easy to install.

Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post does exactly what it says on the tin – it reposts your old content on Twitter. You can set the frequency that it does it, and the post categories you want it to post, then leave it to it! This is a great way to bring in extra traffic to your blog with little effort on your part. Word of advice: don't do it too often though or it will just look like you're lazy! 🙂

Let me know if I've missed any out!