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Want to run successful campaigns that generate leads and sales on auto-pilot?

Well, if you’ve already downloaded our Facebook Ads research module, then you’re about to find out the true power of Facebook for market research.

But when it comes to automating your lead and sales generation, then you’re going to need Facebook Ads.

However, there’s more to setting up an ad campaign than just targeting the right people.


Write ad text that makes your ad stand out and speak to your ideal customers. 
Make sure you’re not making the mistakes that get your ad account banned. 
Know the EXACT ‘anatomy’ of a high-converting sales, community-building or lead generation campaign. 
Track the results you get from Facebook Ads to know whether or not they’re working and what needs improving. 
Use the incredible power of Facebook Ads Audiences to grow your business exponentially. 


When we started running Facebook Ads, we quickly realised that we’d need some expert advice and guidance, otherwise we’d waste a ton of money and not get the results we wanted.

Fast-forward to where we are now, and we’ve generated many thousands of leads and sales from Facebook Ads.

In fact, below you can see our ad spend for our first launch, where we generated over £93,000+ in sales from an ad spend of just over £8K.

That’s a 1,020% return on 

investment! Not bad, huh?

We wouldn’t have been able to do that if it wasn’t for our expert, Matt Duggan.

About the Expert

Matt is our Facebook Ads wizard, which seems a fitting title, given that he used to be a professional magician (yes, really).

While still in the entertainment industry, Matt developed his digital marketing skills to promote himself. Once he disappeared from that world (in a puff of smoke?), he started freelancing for a couple of digital marketing agencies, where he honed his skills in promoting small to medium-sized businesses.

That was a couple of years ago. He’s now the director of one of the agencies for whom he used to freelance. Matt runs Facebook Ad campaigns for a wide variety of companies and he’s passionate about helping them to succeed as quickly as possible. Matt is my ‘go to’ guy when it comes to Facebook Ads, lead generation and online sales and I’m very excited to share what he has to offer with you.

Here’s What You’re 
About To Discover…

 Module One | The Audience Research Plan

Follow Matt as he takes you step-by-step through the process for researching your audience, using Facebook’s own tools and data to tell you exactly what will work and what won’t. You’ll also discover Matt’s own ‘Venn Search’ process that targets only those interests that are likely to convert to leads and sales.

Module Two | The Pre-Launch Process

Before you launch your campaign (and your business) to the world, you’ll need to ensure 3 things:

  1. That your offer is as good as it can be (and will make money)
  2. That you’re tracking the success and conversions of your campaign
  3. And that you’re using Facebook Audiences to crush it with your marketing

This module shows you exactly how to do all that and more.

Module Three | Insider Knowledge

Matt has created a thousands of campaigns over the years, and he’s picked up a thing or two that might just help you.

In this module, he’ll take you through two types of campaigns you might be running and show you how the ad and landing page worked to get the ideal result.
This is invaluable.

Module Four | The Setup and Launch Phase

It’s time to set up your campaign… And you’d better know how to do it right!
Watch over Matt’s shoulder as he guides you through the exact process for setting up a winning ad campaign.

If you’ve been through the video series up to this point, then you’ll get to see all the insights fit together to create more leads and sales right here.

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My hope is that you get your copy of this now, use it, see results and then become a member of The Club.

That’s why I’m willing to offer you this at a ridiculously low price of just £7 for the whole bundle.

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