I have a fantastic guest for you in the form of Maria Hatzistefanis a.k.a. Mrs Rodial, owner/founder of beauty brands Rodial and Nip+Fab. In this episode, Maria tells us how her career got started and how being fired from her job in finance inspired her to start her own business.

I’m joined by Ryan Levesque who I’ve invited to come and speak about quizzes. In my opinion, quizzes are the easiest, cheapest, and most fun way to build your audience – so if you’re not using them yet, I highly recommend you start now. We also share details of a super useful workshop that you don’t want to miss!

I’m joined by none other than Rob Moore. He’s an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and hosts 2 podcasts, The Disruptive Entrepreneur and Money. He’s here to prove to you that launching your own podcast is SO much simpler than you think

Welcome to this super special episode of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast, where I’m interviewing my most favourite guest yet … my dear nan!

I’m joined by my good friend and Cartel member, the lovely Rosie Whitelock. We’re chatting about a super simple way you can drive more revenue into your business with journals, planners or diaries.

I’m talking about the hard times in business. The truth is, almost all of us have more than our fair share of hard times, but not all of us share them or talk about them.

I’m talking about a decision I made recently in my business to stop using Basecamp after a statement they released. I think this is an important conversation for us as business owners, but also as consumers.

I’m reminding you that this is your last chance, for another 12 months, to sign up to Stu McLaren’s incredible Tribe program.

I’m talking about how to set up your own membership. This is for everyone who’s thinking about creating a membership and anyone who already has one but wants to improve it.

Can you believe we’re up to episode 30 of the Building a Bigger Table podcast? For this one, I’m going to be unpacking my most recent launch of the Empowered program, and I’m spilling everything

Welcome to episode 29 of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast where we’re talking about getting EMPOWERED!

We’re talking all about hitting those £10K months. I’m revealing the exact steps you need to take in order to get to the £10K mark – because that’s where true financial empowerment happens.

In episode 27 of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast I’m going to be talking about how you can not only make 6 figures, but how you can TAKE 6 figures home. I’m revealing the 3 things you need to focus on in order to get there, and spilling details of a FREE live workshop

I’m joined by Kim Calvert, an expert in high performance, and CEO and Founder of Dynamite Lifestyle. Kim reveals exactly why mindset is the number one thing you must work on if you want to be successful!

I want to celebrate my sisters – all the women who are handling homeschooling and raising children at the same time as running a business or holding down a career.

In episode 24, I want to go right back to the basics and talk to the number one thing that I know is a concern for virtually every business and entrepreneur that I know… which is how do I grow my audience?

In episode 23, I’m revealing the 3 things you need to consider in order to come up with your ideal business model, so that you can stop flip flopping and start scaling intentionally. Are you ready?

In episode 22 I’m showing you step-by-step how to come up with a popping digital product idea.

For episode 21 of the podcast, I’m taking things right back to basics when it comes to building a bigger table for ourselves, our families, our communities, (and of course our businesses!

Welcome to episode 20 of the Building a Bigger Table podcast. In this short and sweet solo episode, I’m revealing my top 5 book recommendations.

Welcome to episode 19 of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast, where I’m joined by Adrienne Herbert. Following the release of her book.

Welcome to episode 18 of the Building a Bigger Table podcast, where I talk about You Can’t Build A Full Time Business On A Part Time Team

Welcome to episode 17 of the Building a Bigger Table podcast, where I’m joined by my good friend Jay Alderton.

In episode 16 of the Building a Bigger Table podcast, we’re talking about the brand new app that’s taken the social media world by storm…

Now, we’re going to be doing things a little differently for this one, as instead of speaking about what we can add to your table…

This week’s all about reflecting, and I’m sharing my top 20 lessons learned in 2020, because let’s face it, it was not the year…

This one’s all about how you can grab 2021 by the horns – and you know what that means … it means we got to the end of 2020!…

Today I’m going to be talking about why everyone – and yes, I do mean EVERYONE – should be creating, producing, marketing…

Episode 11 is another solo, and for this one I’m disclosing all the reasons why you should only ever compete with yourself…

I’m very excited to welcome Todd Herman for episode 10. He helps elite performers achieve their most ambitious goals by becoming more…

For episode 9 of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast, I’m talking about one of my favourite topics; how to start making 6 figures…

In episode 7 I’m joined by my ‘Australian twin’ Leonie Dawson. I refer to her as such, because I feel we have so much in common in our approach to business…

In this episode of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast, I’m diving deep into one of the things that’s going to STOP you from building a bigger table…

Episode 05 - How to Juggle Not Struggle

In episode 5 of the Building a Bigger Table Podcast I want to talk to you about how to juggle rather than struggle. And let’s face it, as entrepreneurs…

I’m absolutely THRILLED to welcome the amazing Amy Porterfield as my first guest to the Building a Bigger Table Podcast…

In this episode, I tell the other (less glamorous) side of my story. The half that fuels my mission every single day…

Listen up as I share with you my ‘why’ behind this podcast and my reasons for launching it. I believe everyone should have a seat at the table…

Welcome to the Building a Bigger Table Podcast, with me Shaa Wasmund. I love nothing more than a good conversation…

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