How to create a business and life on your terms by doing less

A few months ago, the Queen awarded me an MBE for services to business and entrepreneurship. A few weeks ago, I flew to Necker Island to hang out with Sir Richard Branson.

In the last few weeks I’ve been interviewed in the national media about my new book ‘Do Less, Get More – How to Work Smart and Live Life Your Way’ — and from 10.30am Monday I’ll be appearing on ITV’s This Morning!

I’m not saying any of this to show off — but rather to show you what’s possible.

No matter who you are, what you’re doing now or what you’ve done before, it is absolutely possible to live life on your terms once you figure out how.

I’ve worked with thousands of people on how they do this and now I’ve written ‘Do Less, Get More’ so you can do it too.

Now let’s get real here. I understand that when you’re working long hours, juggling work and home time, bringing up a family or running your own business, the last thing that seems possible is to work less.

I also completely understand if you feel that if you want more and want to better yourself that you have no choice but to keep working harder and harder. It’s what we’re brought up to believe, right? Work hard and you’ll get your reward ‘one day’.

Well you’re not wrong, it’s the system that’s broken.

Thankfully the internet has changed everything. It enables us use the skills we already have to work smart and create lives that bring us financial security and a lifestyle we deserve. You don’t have to wait and hope for happiness anymore. You can reach out and grab it right now.

The key: do less, get more

I get into a lot more detail about this in my book, but here’s the nutshell version: you can do anything you want; you just can’t do everything all at once.

We’ve all been told that the way to get more out of life is to do more, have more, be more, want more … but look where that’s got us!

In my case, chasing after more did bring me some success, but at a huge cost. A year ago I was running several profitable businesses, and I was fortunate to be getting really good results. But I was running myself into the ground doing it. I knew there had to be another way.

So I took a deliberate step back and noticed that the things in my life that were the most successful, that I valued the most, didn’t work because I threw all my time and energy into them.

Instead, they worked because I gave them the right attention at the right time. So I experimented and applied this principle of doing less to all of my life — my work, my relationships, even my exercise! And I found that I got dramatic results — much more than I was getting when I was running myself into the ground.  Less truly did lead to more.

Now it’s your turn

Your turn to take back the reins on your life, to turn your ‘one day’ into RIGHT NOW.

Start here:


Having a lot of junk around your house or your office really cramps your creativity, so clear it out and to give yourself the room you need to dream big and let your creativity flow.

Get laser-focused

Be clear on what you really want, make that your touchstone. Ask yourself, what does your ideal life look like? Whether that’s running a business that finally lets you spend time with your family and really make use of your skills, buying that dream vacation home, or finally writing your first book, figure out your big ‘Why’ Then use it as a touchstone. As you’re making plans or decisions, ask yourself “Does this take me closer or further away from my big ‘Why?’”

Do, ditch, delegate.

Your time and energy are precious, very finite resources, so only invest in things that you really love doing. Anything else gets outsourced or dropped.

Guard your schedule ruthlessly

Schedule in things that you really want to do — vacations with friends and family, time for planning your business, time for writing your book — well ahead of time, and then make it non-negotiable. Otherwise it will get pushed back by all the day-to-day stuff that comes up.

Work less, but more intensely

Work expands to fill the amount of time you make available for it, so don’t let it take over your life. Use less time, but work more intensely. This applies to everything by the way, from exercise to housework to building a home business.

My gift to you

I want as many people as possible to use the do less, get more principle to create lives they really love. That’s why I’m giving you a gift: a FREE chapter of ‘Do Less, Get More’.

If you can’t remember the last time you did something that truly lit you up, this is for you.

If you’re not satisfied with promises of happiness ‘one day’, this is for you.

If you’re finally ready to resurrect your dreams, live life on your own terms, and make lots of money in a way you love using skills you already have, this is for you.

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