The Step-by-Step Digital Blueprint
That Drives New Leads And Sales Into Your Business Consistently

(With Just 1 Hour Of Work Per Day)

If you own a business and you want to generate more leads and sales by
actually working less, then this page was built for you.

But first, let me ask you a couple of things:

Do you have a clear, focused, step-by-step plan for getting targeted potential customers to your website?
If you get people visiting your site, are you actually succeeding at converting most of them into clients and more sales for you?

If your answer to either of those is ‘No’, then how are you intending to grow your business consistently over the coming days, weeks and months?

I’m sorry to say it, but if you answered ‘no’, then your business isn’t going to grow.

You see, in my experience in business, businesses either grow or they shrink.

If they shrink far enough, then the inevitable happens and they have to close their doors.

If your business isn’t growing consistently every single day, then it’s dying.

As a business owner, there’s really only one thing that governs whether your business will be a huge success or a big failure.


It’s your ability to get laser-targeted potential customers to your business, and convert them into sales.

It really is that simple.

And of course, the internet is the place where businesses can be made successful in record time.

But how do you know where to start? How do you know which strategy to use for YOUR business?

And why do so many business owners like you struggle
to promote themselves online?

There’s really only two reasons:

Some people still think that there’s a magic bullet or shiny object that will solve all their marketing problems in one go, without them having to lift a finger. They think the internet is basically magic.


The other people have realised that the magic bullet doesn’t exist, but they don’t have a cutting-edge plan that has been proven to work over and over again, in loads of different markets.


If you’re still chasing magic bullets and shiny objects, then please move along. Nothing for you here.

But if you’re seriously looking for both the strategies and the actual tactics for growing a successful business, then I have something for you.

What I’m about to reveal are the methods that
I’ve used to grow several very successful businesses online.

I know what you’re thinking, what businesses?

Well, I’ll keep it brief but here’s a quick rundown:

When I ran a PR agency, I used digital marketing to help my client Sir James Dyson to become a household name with his own brand of vacuum cleaners.

Back in 2000, just after the financial crash, I created a website called MyKindaPlace and grew it to reach tens, and then hundreds of thousands of people. It got so many visitors that it was quickly

I founded the business support website and grew it to become the UK’s leading small business advice service.

Most recently, I started this site ( and generated £1.4million in sales from scratch in just 18 months.

One thing ensured the success of all of those projects:


Lead is the internet term for website visitors and I know how to drive a LOT of leads to websites like yours.

Leads are the lifeblood of any successful business that has an online presence.

And now, I’ve broken down the methods for getting that lead into simple steps that will take you from where you are now, to consistent leads and sales in just a few short weeks.

In fact, you could watch this whole training in a day or so and be applying it within 24 hours from now.

And I’ll let you into a secret…

If you have the ability to get people to your website and make sales on autopilot, then what you really have are the skills to grow ANY business.

If you’re just starting out with digital marketing to grow your business, then the blueprint that I’ve created for you to follow will show you

EXACTLY how to do it.

Now I know that all that might sound too good to be true right now, but remember, what I’m about to reveal is the process that I’ve used to:

Grow a list of over 150,000 active subscribers 
Make sales 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on autopilot
Sell over £1.4million in online training programs and live events in 18 months



The Beginner’s Guide To


with Shaa Wasmund MBE

I’ve put together a video training program where I’ll walk you through the 4 core pillars of online marketing.

I’ll show you why these are the only 4 things you need to be working on and I’ll even show you the process for doing them daily.

If you follow the blueprint, you could be growing your business in as little as an hour every day.

And you know what that means, right?

It means that you can start to create the kind of business and life that you love, safe in
the knowledge that your business will continue to grow consistently.

This is the start of true freedom.

With what I’ve learned, I know that I can go into a business and immediately increase its fortunes by using my digital marketing plan.

And now, you can too.

Click the button below now to get instant access to the full training.

You’ll be applying this stuff tomorrow and seeing results within the week.


Let me show you EXACTLY what you’ll be getting when you enroll in
The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing today:


Making Money Online: The only information you need to know to be able to generate an income online, including how to find and target your ideal customer, plus how to work out exactly what to do to achieve your specific business goals.

Building Your Digital Platform: You’ll discover how to create the perfect digital platform that not only attracts but also converts your prospects into actual paying customers on autopilot. You’ll also discover the 3 things that every site needs to do to succeed (the last one might surprise you).

SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Social Media: Discover the one thing you should always have at the forefront of your mind when using these powerful platforms. We’ll delve into definitions for each of these marketing channels and how you can use them to succeed faster.


Blogging: No matter what industry you’re in, or what business you run, sharing regular helpful content is one of the best possible ways to attract your ideal customers. In this video, I’ll show you how to capitalise on it and become a blogging superstar in no time. 🙂

Video: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a thousand images? Good video is fast becoming a standard promotional tool for business owners who want to succeed online. This video will show you how to create videos that stand out for the crowd and bring in the right people to your business.

Content creation and sharing: There’s a big difference between just putting out the occasional blog or video, and putting out the kind of content that actually gets shares and engagement. If you want to step your content game up to the next level, this is for you.


Choosing the right social media for you: If you want to run a successful business online, then you need to be using social media… But which platform is going to work best for you? There is a straightforward process for understanding which social media platform is the one that will give you the best results.

How to get more followers: Once you’ve chosen your social platform, it’s time to start building that tribe of followers. But how do you build a tribe on social from scratch? It’s easier than you might think thanks to these simple strategies.

Shortcuts for social success: Why is it that some people build a social following quickly and without any apparent effort, and yet others struggle to ever get past 500 followers? The fact is that all social media tips are not created equal. These shortcuts will help you build your community faster and with less effort.


Capturing and nurturing leads: You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘The money is in the list’. If you haven’t, then trust me when I say that your email list is where the majority of your cashflow will come from. This module shows you how to actually get people to sign up, and then how to nurture them so that they get the most value they can from the relationship.

Email marketing: OK, so you’ve gathered some leads into your business… Now, what are you going to send them? You have to keep communication going with these new prospects and there are certain ways to do it that work best. What are they? Find out in this module.

Automation – Making life easy: This is the pinnacle of online business and the reason why I love running a business on the internet: Automation. With a few simple tools and strategies, you can turn your online business into an automated money machine, leaving you time to work on growing your business without the stress and worry of where the next lead or sale is going to come from.

If you’re running a business that has any kind of internet presence, then I think you’ll agree that this is EXACTLY what you need to ensure its success this year.

In fact, I know that if you just applied one of these modules to your business, you’d be surprised at just how much growth you could achieve. Apply all 4 and watch your business soar, as you make more money with less effort.

But what if I could take away all the risk from this investment too?

In short…

If you’re running a business that has any kind of internet presence, then I think you’ll agree that this is EXACTLY what you need to ensure its success this year.

In fact, I know that if you just applied one of these modules to your business, you’d be surprised at just how much growth you could achieve. Apply all 4 and watch your business soar, as you make more money with less effort.

But what if I could take away all the risk from this investment too?

In short…


Listen, I get it. Fear of failure holds us back.

It shouldn't, because regret always weighs heavier than fear.


That's why I want to make this a risk-free investment for you.

So… if you enroll in The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing, do the work and find that you are NOT making major strides towards creating a life-changing online business, let us know within 30 days of your investment and I'll return every penny of your investment.

However, if you do decide to do that, be prepared to show us the work you've done on the course up to that point.


Because I've created something that has been proven to work and I'm committing my time to you. That you do the same back, is all I ask.

If you put in the effort, it will save you from having to write that awkward email. Instead, you'll be joining us on the accountability sessions to share your weekly wins!

If it's genuinely not working for you, you have my 100% no quibble, money back guarantee.

Sound fair?


When you invest in The Beginners’ Guide To Digital Marketing, you’ll get instant access to our members area, including all 4 modules in an easy-to-navigate setting.

You’ll be able to go through each video, step-by-step and be able to revisit the material in them at any time of the day or night, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Need a quick refresher on social marketing? Simply pop back in and watch that module on its own.


If you have other team members that work for you, why not give them access so that they too can watch this exclusive training and start applying this stuff for you? Now that’s real business-building.


Click the button below now and let’s get you racing towards a hugely successful business thanks to the awesome power of digital marketing.

See you on the inside of the members area.