The One Thing That Will Transform Customers Into Raving Fans

This may sound a bit strange coming from a serial entrepreneur like me, but here it is: I don’t want any customers. No clients. No buyers or consumers. Definitely no end users.
I only want raving fans.
This is the strategy that I’ve built my businesses on, and it’s been so integral to my success, because whereas customers buy from you, it’s transactional and usually happens as a one off because they happen to want what you happen to be selling.
But raving fans are the ones that keep coming back again and again because they know that you’re going to give them something awesome in keeping with your personality.
And while that can sound like kind of a small thing, it’s actually the one thing that will make all the difference in your business: your personality.
Business is personal
At least it is if you’re doing it right. Of course, this isn’t something that’s unique to me. In the larger business world, this is called having a personality differentiator, which is a fancy way of saying that you’re your own best unique selling point.
There can be hundreds of thousands of people doing what you do or selling what you sell, but no one will do it exactly the way you do it. After all, there are literally hundreds of thousands of other blogs out there talking about business, but you’re here reading mine because you like the way I talk about it.
Having your personality shining through in your business is what makes you stand out in an increasingly noisy business world to begin with, and it’s what keeps people coming back. On top of that, by telling the story of you throughout your business, your people will trust you more, and will be naturally more inclined to pay attention to your marketing.
How do I do it?
Your personality should be infused into every single aspect of your business, from your packaging to your Tweets to the way you respond to angry emails. If you’re not sure whether or not your personality is coming through in your business now, take some time to sit down and do an audit.
As you look at all of the different parts of your business, ask yourself, “If someone put up this Tweet/post/email/website/package/font/whatever” along with other examples without any obvious branding, would my friends be able to recognise mine?”
A few areas to definitely make sure you review:
Your ‘About' page: Totally crucial — this is usually the first or second place your prospects click, and they decide whether they love you or are bored by you in about 3 seconds. It needs to be absolutely brimming with your personality so that you can instantly attract your future fans.
Your blog posts: Every blog post needs to have your personality in it, even if it’s something relatively dry or instructional. This is the perfect chance to built rapport with your audience, so don’t waste it!
Your emails: Same. People are letting you into their inboxes, which is the business equivalent of inviting you into their living rooms for tea. Make the most of it!
Your social networking: This one’s obvious, but I’ll mention it anyway. Social networks are a great place to show off your personality, just make sure you do it while catering to the context of the network (so keep Tweets short and witty, do longer pic posts for Facebook etc).
But wait … won’t it be too personal?
There’s definitely a line between what you should and shouldn’t share. After all, you’re still presenting a professional image to the world, so you don’t want to be drunk Tweeting all over the place or posting really unflattering stories about yourself.
It’s your business, not your therapy session, so focus on those parts of you that are true and save the super personal, painful stuff to your support network. But don’t be afraid of vulnerability within reason — that kind of authenticity is very powerfully attractive.
Bottom line: how successfully you infuse your personality in your business can make the difference between always hustling for business with new customers and having legions of raving fans.
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