The Criteria for Creativity

Creativity is such a huge part of building a modern business — but even though most people know that, it can be hard to translate that into action. For me personally, writing is my favourite type of creativity. While I absolutely love it while I’m doing it, it can sometimes be hard to get into that creative mindset, so I’ve developed some great strategies to make sure that I can keep the creativity flowing. Here are what I’ve found to be the top four criteria for creativity:

A good mindset.

This is so critical, because hidden beliefs can really stifle your creativity if you let them. Think I’m exaggerating? When I had just about finished writing my latest book, a friend asked me why I didn’t create more content like that. Before I even realised it, I found myself saying “Because you can’t make money being creative.” Where did that even come from?! I had no idea I even thought that, but it was holding me back hugely. After I realised what was going on, I sat down and rewrote about 70% of the book in just a few weeks.


Don’t try to do a little bit here and there on a bunch of creative projects — you’ll just dilute your energy. Remember, do less, get more: choose one project and focus your the majority of your energy on it until you’ve seen it through, then move on to the next thing.

Creativity-friendly physical surroundings.

I do some of my best creative work in my house in Whitstable. It’s quiet, set in gorgeous surroundings, and perfect for dreaming big. When I’m at my home office in London, I also really pay attention to my surroundings — my office is clean, my desk is uncluttered, and I keep things that inspire me on the walls and shelves. Creativity really does take a lot of physical space, so make sure that you clear out any crap that’s cluttering up your work space, get lots of natural light, and surround yourself with things that inspire you. That being said…

Don’t wait for inspiration.

Nothing drives me crazier than people saying that they’re waiting for inspiration or ‘their muse’. It takes work; there’s no creativity delivery service!

A great quote that’s often attributed to William Faulkner says, “I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning”. That’s exactly what you should be going for!

Of course you won’t have an “on” day every day. But the more you make creativity a practice instead of a hobby or a gift that you wait for, the more you’ll find it flowing.

So tell me: what creative projects are you working on? And how do you keep your creativity flowing?

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