Business & Life … Is This It?

Ever feel like there is more to business (and life) than this?


Has there ever been a time you wake up and thought to yourself;

“Is this it?”

I know I have … many times. 

That feeling like there’s something else out there for us, but we can’t quite see it. 

That feeling of knowing you’re Made For More.

Truth is, like me, you’ve probably always known it, but it’s a bit like motivation, it comes and it goes.

We give in. Sometimes we even give up.

We settle.

Maybe you even think you’re too old for all this. 

Or you’ve just got too much on your plate to have the luxury of time to sit back and figure it all out.

When you hear that voice, telling you it’s time to step up. Listen to it.

You weren’t born to play small.

You were born for more.

We all were. 

Now’s the time to get yours.

If you want to finish this year strong and start next year in the best headspace ever, you might want to come and join us over at Made For More.

Now you aren’t going to get a ton of emails about this and no big launch. That’s because there are genuinely limited spaces, much like The One Retreat. I cap each cohort at 20 women to keep it a small, hands-on group. 

It’s a tight knit, fully immersive 90 Day Mastermind (this one’s women only, sorry guys) with 1:1 coaching, an in-depth framework to get your signature offer nailed, your audience built and your business working like clockwork.

The key word is IMPLEMENTATION. Whether we are focusing on your Health, Wealth or Self. It’s about doing, not just learning.

It’s about getting real, personal feedback; from me. So there’s no more second guessing yourself, your landing page or your offer.

It’s about really understanding how your business works … and making sure it is working for YOU. 

That means a deep financial audit of where your money is coming from and where it is going … no more leaving yourself last; on any list!

If this sounds like the kind of personalised support you need right now, come check us out; 


There’s only a couple of spaces left – no fake scarcity, 

just the reality of a small group program.

Time to get ours.


Shaa X

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