The Secret to Building Your Tribe

Whether you call it your tribe, your network, your community, or your people, building a group of like-minded people around you is crucial. If you do it right, it can be a huge source of support for your business as well as a great network for you.

Go deep

Don’t try building your tribe based solely on surface level similarities — go for the deep stuff, like shared dreams and ambitions. That’s what people really have an emotional resonance with, and it’s what will keep them engaged long-term.

Make them care

You need to give people a reason to rally around you or your business. It’s not enough to just put up a Facebook group or follow a bunch of people on Twitter and hope they follow back.

You have to take a clear stance and be OK with turning some people away from your brand.

After all, if you dilute your brand so that you can sort of appeal to everyone, you’re not going to appeal to ANYONE very strongly. So don’t worry about being different or sharing your opinions. People want to follow interesting people, not just one more generic business!

Give, give, give…

On top of this, you need to give away ridiculous amounts of value and actually engage with the people in your tribe. People can tell right away if you don’t actually care about them or you’re just trying to get them to like your page or join your group so that you can sell them things later. You need to show them that you’re genuinely interested in building a relationship with them, so make sure you give much more than you ask.

A big part of this is listening to what your community is telling you and responding accordingly. After all, if you’re giving them great podcasts about marketing when what they really want is PDFs about sales, then you won’t be providing them with the value that you could be.

Be consistent

Don’t start something and then leave people waiting for weeks to hear from you again. It really is about building a relationship, which means that there’s a degree of commitment involved, so don’t start if you’re not prepared to follow through.

Get excited!

Finally, get excited about your community! Tell lots of people about it, get your friends to support you and spread the word, and really interact with people when they join. Nobody wants to go to a party where the host sits in the corner and doesn’t talk to anyone. Likewise, people who join your community expect you as the leader to be really engaged in it — and rightly so!

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