“Shaa embraces fear without regret and through this book convincingly urges others to as well.”

Inventor & Industrial Designer

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“Simple yet devastatingly effective … Packed with tools and tricks to help reignite your schedule, your days and your life.”

Author of May Cause Miracles and Spirit Junkie

“My guidebook on how to live a life filled with meaning.”

Author of ‘Choose Yourself’

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about the book

Have you ever dreamt of doing something new – setting up a business, getting in shape, or writing a novel – but haven’t gotten round to actually doing it?

It’s time to work out what is stopping you from starting.

“Oh, I’ll do that when the kids are a little bit older/ when we’ve got enough money in the bank account/ when I lose 10lbs/ when I have more time…”

Sound familiar? It’s time to prioritise what is important to you in life — because life is passing you by anyway, so you might
as well fix that sh*t now.

let’s fix this together

Whether you have work sh*t, relationship sh*t, money sh*t, health sh*t or just general life sh*t, let’s fix it all!

What you’ll get in this book is real talk (nothing great comes from comfort zones) as well as simple systems and no-nonsense guidance to getting what you really want.

Do Less
Get More

How to Work Smart & Live Life Your Way

Are you always busy, hurtling from one thing to the next, working hard to build a life you can enjoy ‘one day’, running yourself into the ground trying to do it all, get it all, and be everything to everyone? This is your wakeup call.

For years we’ve all bought into the ‘more myth’ — that the answer to happiness is more projects, more stuff, more everything. And it’s literally making us sick with stress, stealing our time, and killing our creativity. The answer to life isn’t more .… it’s LESS.

Here’s the secret: less is the key to more of what you actually want. Less stress, more happiness. Less stuff, more stuff you love. Fewer projects, more progress. Less work, more results.

Why are you waiting to be happy? Life is too short to settle, and you deserve more than a vague IOU for happiness ‘some day’. You’ve got to step up and grab your own happiness, to squeeze every last drop out of life while you’ve still got the time to appreciate it. This is what you need to start.

Stop Talking
Start Doing

A Kick in the Pants in Six Parts

My first #1 bestseller is a sure-fire way to get you to take action and start doing what you really want to in life. Whether it’s setting up your own business or learning to play the ukulele, I’ll inspire you to step up, take control of your life and make it happen.

‘Stop Talking, Start Doing'
Action Book

Packed with Practical Tools and Exercises
for the perfect Kick in the Pants

If you liked my #1 bestseller
‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’,
you’ll LOVE this action book.

Packed full of exercises, this book will not only inspire you to make the changes you want, it will help you to plan and implement the action you need to take to finally stop talking and start doing.


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Grab Your Free Chapter

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